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This video is a commission that is going to live in FL. I'm really happy with it!
Mark Runge
05/18/15 07:43:08AM @mark-runge:

That is one of the highest compliments I've ever gotten, Robin. Thank you so much!

Robin Thompson
05/17/15 10:42:07PM @robin-thompson:
Mark, you've given your builds your unique, distinctive touches and they look very cool. I can still see what lineage you trained in, though. :)
Mark Runge
05/14/15 08:22:58PM @mark-runge:

Thank y'all for the kind words.

She loved everything but the chromatic fretboard. She's already paid for the (an) instrument, and if I didn't love the feel, voice, and look of this one I'd have just shipped it to her, which she'd have reluctantly taken. But I said I'd move her to the back of the line and make another one; and it will be just as nice! We both agreed to that and we'll both be happier for it!

Now to learn to play with all of those extra frets! My wife just did some of her mandolin tunes on it-WooHoo!

Really big smiles to all!

Ben Barr Jr
05/14/15 02:37:07PM @benjamin-w-barr-jr:

Nice sound indeed!Smile.gif

Lexie R Oakley
05/14/15 02:21:53PM @lexie-r-oakley:

Very Beautiful Mark, you did alot of new things for you and the inlay the wood is beautiful and awesome job on the fret board.

Sounds and looks great, the Rabi should be very pleased.Smile.gif

Mark Runge
05/12/15 05:30:37PM @mark-runge:

Stop it, Dusty! I'm almost all the way grown up! Mark says looking down and kicking the nearest rock.

It's true. You knew me back then. I cannot believe I'm where I'm at with my building and playing. It is from the love and support of people like you, kind Sir. Did I tell you that Beech Spring is one of my favorites now. My wife, too. She plays it on her guitar, a dulcimer, her fiddle (might be my favorite), and I heard her do it on the uke this morning.

Marcy Marxer and Cathy Fink stayed at our place, and we were just jamming. I played it--in the rhythm that I like because it is what I like and usually I play alone anyway. But we got the rhythm right and everyone enjoyed it.

So it is the support of y'all around me that I have to thank. And Dwain. What a man, Dwain Wilder is, that he would give me such treasures to share with others.

Thank you Tom, Ken, and Shawn for the kind words. I got the feet on it and just put the last coat of wax on this morning. I'll buff it out and get some pictures for my web site and share them here.

Big smiles and lots of hugs to all!

Dusty Turtle
05/12/15 05:19:32PM @dusty-turtle:

Wow, Mark, that instrument both looks and sounds beautiful. It has a deep and well balanced tone.

Going to a rabbi, huh? Maybe we'll have to develop a corpus of klezmer music for the dulcimer.

It's good to see you doing such good work. And I can say I knew you when you were but a wee dulcimer babe before you ever built an instrument.

05/12/15 05:11:31PM @tom-bondy:

Very nice work Mark..

Ken Longfield
05/11/15 08:56:33AM @ken-longfield:
Nice work Mark. Thanks for sharing your progress.Ken"The dulcimer sings a sweet song."
Shawn McCurdy
05/11/15 07:05:11AM @shawn-mccurdy:
Looks and sounds beautiful!