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Der Heiland ist geboren (Mountain Dulcimer Instrumental)

musician/member name: Music
Duration: 00:01:35
Christmas carol from Upper Austria that also became popular in Germany. Published in 1780, but maybe older. Instrumental version for mountain dulcimer in DAD tuning, own arrangement.
01/12/16 11:15:17PM @sleepingangel:

wow this is so a great piece of music and you play it so well!! 

Thanks for posting the tab too. I'm just learning the dulcimer  Two months today!!

Take care


Peter W.
01/03/16 11:21:47AM @peter-w:

Thank you, Marg and Lexie, for your comments.

@Marg: This is my favorite dulcimer, Marg. It is a McSpadden 4FHWW/e.

4 Strings
F = Flathead
H = Hourglass
W = Body made of Walnut
W = Top made of Walnut

/e = Ebony fretboard

It is easy to play, the string action is just perfect for strumming and instrumental picking. And it sounds great.

Lexie R Oakley
01/03/16 11:13:45AM @lexie-r-oakley:

Very beautiful Peter, we always love hearing a Christmas Carol. I haven't heard too many of the older Christmas songs. Thank you for the history of the song.

01/03/16 12:52:56AM @marg:

Very nice and a beautiful sounding dulcimer, what kind is it

12/31/15 12:56:05AM @marg:

Beautiful and your dulcimer looks like it is very easy to fret. Happy New Year and thank you for the carol

Peter W.
12/30/15 02:11:17PM @peter-w:

Thank you for your friendly comments, Gordon and John! :)

Gordon Hardy
12/30/15 12:22:22PM @gordon-hardy:

That is really good Peter.  I love the melody and the playing. Thank you. Best wishes for 2016.

John Keane
12/30/15 10:32:49AM @john-keane:

Well done, Peter!

Peter W.
12/30/15 04:03:15AM @peter-w:

Thank you all for taking the time to watch! I appreciate your comments.
I just tabbed my version. Note that I usually play all three strings on beat 1 or when there is a chord change. In between I just play single notes.

For the right hand (you can't see that in the video, sorry) I always pick the (inner) melody string with the index finger, the middle string with the middle finger and the bass string with my ring finger.

You may use the music sheet freely for personal, non-commercial use. Enjoy!

EDIT: Please use the corrected version of the tabs given here:

I wasn't able to remove this attachment; it is a previous version with some little mistakes. Thank you!

Joy W.
12/29/15 09:33:50PM @joy-w:

Lovely! I've not heard that carol before but would like to learn it now.

Terry Wilson
12/29/15 07:14:45PM @terry-wilson:

That was very nice Peter.   You have such a gentle touch when cording.

Larn Werner
12/29/15 06:29:55PM @larn-werner:

Very nice tune. Thanks for sharing.

Peter W.
12/29/15 05:46:17PM @peter-w:

Christmas is over - but still, it is not too late for this After Christmas Carol "Der Heiland ist geboren" (The Saviour Is Born).

Hope you had a great Christmas time - and all the best for 2016! :)