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Holy Manna--For John Henry

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I'm trying to get the hang of a wooden pelctrum. Still a bit rough, but I had the house to myself tonight, so I thought that I'd post something quickly. I am using one of John Henry's very fine plectrums made from English field ash and one of his noters (very fine, too)--I believe that it is False Acacia, but my pencil marks are rubbing off. Anyway, I am playing one of Kevin Messenger's Prichard reproductions (really enjoy it) in Ddd.
Rick Kennedy
01/07/15 11:41:28PM @rick-kennedy:

Thanks, Kevin. That Prichard repro you made is still my favoriteGrin.gif

Kevin Messenger
01/05/15 08:58:06PM @kevin-messenger:

Rick, that was very nicely done. You got the hang of that vertical strummer, keep it up and post some more.

Rick Kennedy
01/04/15 11:58:06PM @rick-kennedy:

Thanks, Cindy. I was working on a couple of tunes for Christmas but never had time to record, post, and edit. I'll have to save them for next yearGrin.gif

Cindy Stammich
12/31/14 11:27:00PM @cindy-stammich:

Rick- this is just beautiful! Your playing is wonderful - as is your dulcimer! I sure hope we hear more from you soon!!!!

Rick Kennedy
10/28/13 02:26:37PM @rick-kennedy:

Thanks, Robin. I will continue to work with the wood strummers--JH was kind enough to send an assortment asI search for the one that I find most comfortable. The Prichard is fun to work with--whether I've tuned up kind of tight (which I do most often) or if I try to play it a little slack--I also like to play over the strum hollow with the woodend picks for a different sound vs. whipping a quill across the strings above the hollow (or would that be down the neck?)--towards the noter, at any rate. I'm already thinking about the nextMD for a different noter/drone sound...

Robin Clark
10/28/13 10:44:38AM @robin-clark:

Hey Rick - You are coaxing a wonderful tone from that Prichard Grin.gif

Those wood strummers are not the easiest of picks to use but they do seem to work really well on old style dulcimers. I love them!!!!

Rick Kennedy
10/28/13 08:56:14AM @rick-kennedy:

Thank you, R N and Helen. Using a natural plectrum, like wood,against the strings is satisfying.

Rob N Lackey
10/27/13 12:40:50PM @rob-n-lackey:

Rick, you did well! I've used a similar plectrum before. It really makes that Prichard repro ring out! I guess I'll have to use mine some more!

Rick Kennedy
10/27/13 12:01:16PM @rick-kennedy:

Thank you, all, for the kind words.

John Henry--Yes, I find the longer wooden plectrums much easier to hold than the little pick--they work well on the slower tempo songs, especially. As I practice, I might be able to begin playing the faster tunes. A thin quill is the easiest to hold for really fast tunes--I wonder if that was one of the reasons for that choice of plectrum way back then.

As for Fiona--well, if I can get her to sit still for 2 minutes Frown.gif , we might be able put together a tune--something that her old dad has been asking for a while... (She is at that age...). Anyway, glad you liked itSmile.gif

Patty from Virginia
10/27/13 11:34:33AM @patty-from-virginia:

Brethren, We Have Met to Worship. Great playing Rick!!! Lovely hymn for Sunday morningSmile.gif . I'm glad to see you are enjoying your Prichard. I am enjoying mine. I think I'm going to have to get me one of those John Henry notersGrin.gif

Randy Adams
10/27/13 08:27:05AM @randy-adams:

This is real sweet Rick. I love this song! You sure have the dulcimer and the utensils working for you here.

John Keane
10/27/13 08:16:25AM @john-keane:

Nicely done!

John Henry
10/27/13 02:53:01AM @john-henry:

9.gif 9.gif 9.gif Never mind all that, more to the point, do find the longer pic easier on your thumb ? Great to see you playing tho, and producing very creditable sound on that beautiful instrument ! (seems to be a bit of a 'Ford' thing going with dulcimers these days "any colour so long as its black!") I love 'em! must try to find time to make one !!!

thanks for posting


Would have been good to have had Fiona joining in, I really enjoyed her last effort

Kevin Messenger
10/26/13 09:05:10PM @kevin-messenger:

Rick you are doing very well with that wooden plectrum. I really enjoyed your playing.