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5 fruits et légumes par jour !

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Duration: 00:02:42
A little original song with a speed picking style. You can watch these words in France, every day on the TV : "Pour votre sant, mangez 5 fruits et lgumes p...
03/09/17 10:18:12PM @bob:

Amazing!! jive

Cristian Huet
10/30/14 09:40:15AM @cristian-huet:

with my band, in a funny day (even if the sound system was a little awful on stage !), we have done that !

Cristian Huet
10/30/14 09:01:04AM @cristian-huet:

thanks a lot for all these messages. I came last year in albany for the dulcimer festival and play on stage. it was a real great pleasure. I'm realy ok to come back in usa and play dulcimer, with pleasure, when you want.
I'm happy you like my little videos.

Cindy Stammich
10/11/14 12:58:08PM @cindy-stammich:

Ohhhhh myyyyy that was awesome!!! Makes me want to dance to it but I fear my feet would get tangled!

Thank you so much for this amazing piece!Smile.gif

Gary McNaughton
09/17/14 07:26:23PM @gary-mcnaughton:
Thats realy good cristian I realy like it! Gary.
jeffrey charles foster
09/03/14 09:10:52AM @jeffrey-charles-foster:

Grin.gifgreat song

Carolyn Fleming
08/08/14 06:33:51PM @carolyn-fleming:

Very nice song and great style of playing. Hope to see more from you.

Cristian Huet
07/28/14 12:45:23PM @cristian-huet:
thanks a lot, friends ! I'll put others... ;-)
Gayle Maurer
07/23/14 12:06:21AM @gayle-maurer:
Goodness me! That was fun!
Mark Runge
07/19/14 03:15:49PM @mark-kungfucracker-runge:
Holy crap! Comment pouvez-vous convaincre vos doigts pour dplacer si vite! Beautiful and wondrous!

Carrie Barnes
07/05/14 08:57:39PM @carrie-barnes:

Great to listen to and watch you play! Very, very nicely done!

John Keane
07/04/14 06:38:52PM @john-keane:

Just wonderful!

Harry M. Webb
07/03/14 07:57:58PM @harry-m-webb:
Trs bien fait, mon vieux.
Dusty Turtle
07/03/14 03:57:41PM @dusty-turtle:

Super bien jou, Christian! Votre style de jouer est vraiment unique et me fait penser a Leo Kottkeavec sa guitare. Mercie bien pour avoir montrvotre musique.

Et maintenant, je vais manger des cerises et des tomates du jardin. Ca fait deux . . .Smile.gif