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Location: Brittany
Country: FR

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Originally from Brittany, a small Celtic country in western France, I first discovered the rustic folk instruments made by my paternal great grandfather, I became enthralled with the idea of experimenting with ways to make these primitive instruments sing.

With no realization that these crude wooden boxes with strings existed beyond Brittany, and no one to teach me, I developed a different playing style, not an american style, and only later learned that these same instruments existed in America as mountain dulcimers!

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Cristian Huet
07/10/14 02:16:46AM @cristian-huet:

thanks every body. I'm happy you like my job.Smile.gif

Dana R. McCall
11/18/10 11:14:53PM @dana-r-mccall:
Cristian, I am at a loss for words! And if you knew me you would no that is a miracle. I can't stop watching you play it is beautiful. I loved song for Kieran. Your strum tech. was fasinating to watch. Looking forward to more of your videos. 113.gif
Cristian Huet
10/31/10 09:23:02AM @cristian-huet:
thank's a lot everybody for all these comments. it's a real pleasure for me. I'll put some other videos in a few days... or weeks !...or when I have enough time...but I don't forget you.And if you have plans or ideas for that, I should come and play on stage in usa, during 10 days or 2 weeks, with great pleasure.Smile.gif
John Tipton
10/29/10 12:55:24PM @john-tipton:
I've see your videos before. I really like how you've adapted the Dulcimer to playing with an ensemble. I'm listening to your Myspace page now, You are an Incredible player.
06/24/10 02:11:20PM @strumelia:
Cristian, votre English et plus meilleur que mon Francais!
Scotty Lee Shuffield
06/24/10 12:13:49PM @scotty-lee-shuffield:
Thank you for your music...enjoy!Scooter
Flint Hill
06/24/10 07:48:16AM @flint-hill:
Welcome Cristian. I'm a big fan of your music and I am glad to see you here!
John Henry
06/24/10 07:06:48AM @john-henry:
Welcome Cristian, glad that you have joined us. I have spent many happy times in Britany, if I did'nt live in the UK I would wish to live somewhere in Morbihan perhaps, I have played dulcimer there at some of the small village festivals, also at the Fete des Brodeuses, Pont-L-ABBE. Enjoy your time here. JohnH
Cristian Huet
06/24/10 05:44:16AM @cristian-huet:
hello. thanks a lot. it's cool here. all poeple say "hello". I like that. it's cool.(apologise : you see... my english is very bad ! Smile.gif )
Scotty Lee Shuffield
06/22/10 01:33:12PM @scotty-lee-shuffield:
Bienvenu au good to have you here!Scooter
Carla Maxwell
06/22/10 09:44:02AM @carla-maxwell:
Welcome! It's nice to continue our connection in another dulcimer place.
Dusty Turtle
06/21/10 09:02:02PM @dusty:
Bienvenu au FOTMD, Cristian. Ta musique me plait beaucoup. Il y a plus que 20 ans, j'ai passe quelques mois a Rennes, mais je n'ai appris aucun mot de Breton.
Bill Lewis
06/21/10 02:43:17PM @bill-lewis:
Welcome to FOTMD Cristian. Grin.gif
06/21/10 01:10:27PM @strumelia:
Welcome Cristian!