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Cristian Huet Celtet : "Suzanne est stone !"

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Duration: 00:02:29
Oh Suzanna mixed with a Charleston ! A video made by a fan with an Iphone (thanks to Patrick Moreau) ! The end of a funny concert for the St-Patrick's day......
Gary McNaughton
11/09/14 07:51:24AM @gary-mcnaughton:
Very good Christian!Regards Gary!:-)
Rob N Lackey
11/03/14 07:05:35AM @rob-n-lackey:

Very nice, Cristian. Great music and fun.

Cindy Stammich
11/02/14 05:56:19PM @cindy-stammich:

This was just too much fun!!!

Thank you for the smiles and happy feet!!!Grin.gif

John Keane
11/02/14 05:44:34AM @john-keane:

Fun stuff! Grin.gif

Shawn McCurdy
10/31/14 07:28:44AM @shawn-mccurdy:

What fun! Thanks for posting.

Ken Backer
10/30/14 07:42:23PM @ken-backer:

Looks like a good fun time was had by all. Thanks for posting.