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"Orphan Girl" by Scenic Roots (Official Music Video)

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Duration: 00:02:57
Scenic Roots presents their official music video of "Orphan Girl". Scenic Roots is Amber Rogers on fiddle and lead vocals; Erin Rogers on mountain dulcimer. ...
Jan Potts
08/16/15 02:23:54AM @jan-potts:

Love this song--but it always makes me cry!

Terry Wilson
07/06/12 12:43:25PM @terry-wilson:

About as pretty as it gets. Wonderful.

Robin Thompson
08/28/11 08:37:35PM @robin-thompson:
I love this, Erin! (I hope Gillian Welch has seen this!)
Erin Mae
08/24/11 09:02:47PM @erin-mae:

Thanks for your sweet comments everyone!!

The dulcimer is fully chromatic, tuned to standard D-A-D. Amber sings this song in Bb, so the chromatic is really nice!

Brian G.
08/21/11 07:57:22AM @brian-g:
Very nice!
08/20/11 05:01:45PM @sam:
BRAVO ! ! !
Robin Clark
08/20/11 04:36:58PM @robin-clark:

Excellent Grin.gif

I love it - I've just downloaded the mp3 from CD Baby !!!


John Keane
08/20/11 02:07:23PM @john-keane:
That's really a great tune! Love the video!