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Loch Lomond on Mountain Dulcimer

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I have been Messing with some Irish and Scottish tunes lately. Also known as "Red is the Rose". Dulcimer is tuned to DAA. I welcome comments, especially on how to improve.
Cindy Stammich
04/11/14 10:04:39PM @cindy-stammich:
This is a very pretty tune and it sounds really good!I don't know about other folks, but I have to play a song over and over before it flows the way I want it to. And I have to second what Steve said about that little red record button! I can't tell you how many times I would almost have it ... And then hit one wrong note......start over again....just remember to have fun!Keep strumming and smiling!Cindy
Steve Battarbee
04/11/14 01:53:51AM @steve-battarbee:
Hey Frank. Although there are some genuinely talented members here that leave me wondering if I am actually playing the same instrument. I would hazard a guess that even they rarely get videos down first take. For me it's more like 51st!It's strange what that little red record button does to your brain!
John Henry
04/10/14 06:53:53PM @john-henry:

Hey Frank, you have just made a pretty fair assessment of what happens to me, and others, I hazard a guess, when I attempt to share some music here, 18.gif (and I used to lecture for a living !!!) I mentioned the singing in the head thing 'cos to a certain extent it confirms that you have some knowledge of the tune and its timing, therefore its not something new, so in some minor degree it takes some of the heat off ! And so far as I am concerned, I'm still awaiting on producing that 'quality product' 45.gif . Funny ain't it, most of us don't play for a living, nobody forces us to it, we have this desire 'to share' !!! Keep 'em coming.


Frank Ross
04/10/14 06:28:06PM @frank-ross:

I want to thank all of you for your kind comments. I'll try the singing in my head - usually I'm processing the fret numbers, checking the fingers, listening to the strums and trying not to hyper-ventilate while the camera is rolling. So many things need to happen at once to produce a quality product - and so easy to dork it up. I don't know how all of you do it.

Steve Battarbee
04/10/14 06:07:33PM @steve-battarbee:
You've got the tune Frank so just keep going with it to get the flowI'd echo John Henry's comments about singing in your head to help with timingYou might want to think about different picks (Material/flexibility) for different tunes
John Keane
04/10/14 05:51:32AM @john-keane:

You've got it, just run with it until you feel safely in your "comfort zone" with it. Great work so far!

Rob N Lackey
04/08/14 07:57:00PM @rob-n-lackey:

You're doing fine with it Frank. Seems you have the basics of the tune down pretty well, so just need to polish it up

Patty from Virginia
04/08/14 07:03:02PM @patty-from-virginia:

Good job Frank. Sounds niceSmile.gif John Henry you said " my singing is best left in the head these days" but that didn't stop you from singing that Spam song, did it?Tongue.gif

Jim Fawcett
04/08/14 06:38:03PM @jim-fawcett:

Not too bad at all, Frank. I agree with John about singing the tune in your head. Helps me out when I do that. I best leave my singing the same my head. There it doesn't sound bad at

John Henry
04/08/14 05:50:47PM @john-henry:
We all have to start somewheres Frank ! Have you tried 'singing' the tune in your head as you play ? It helps me some ! (and others as well, my singing is best left in the head these days, lol)JohnH