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Hi, everyone!  I've been a dulcimer player for over 40 years - and I love to pass on Kentucky's rich musical heritage to the next generations.  I guess I'm best known as the driving force behind KENTUCKY MUSIC WEEK and KENTUCKY MUSIC WINTER WEEKEND festivals with a focus on classes.  I've made my living with my dulcimer my entire life and I'm a singer and tune and song writer. I love playing with KENTUCKY STANDARD BAND with Alice Burton, Debbie Grizzell and David Wilson.  We have about seven CDs out and our music is the true joy of my life.  I have two children, both very talented and creative but neither are musicians.  I'm located near Bardstown, Kentucky on a little farm.  At night there are no lights to be seen - just the Milky Way in my sky!

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Nancy Barker
09/19/17 05:38:10PM @nancy-barker:

I know I have forgotten to mention a number of great events that are coming up this fall....but I want to be sure to talk about the Black Mountain Music Festival coming up October 22 - 27.  It's a great event put together by Chuck Moseley.  

AND the Kentucky Music Winter Weekend, January 5 - 7, has the web site now up and is accepting registration.  Web site is  This is a wonderful weekend with some great jams and exceptional instructors!  


Nancy Barker
09/17/17 03:07:19PM @nancy-barker:

I'm so very excited this beautiful fall morning!  So many wonderful dulcimer events have been happening recently and still many just right around the corner!  

Dana McCall's Homer Ledford Dulcimer Festival was a huge hit this year and I'm so happy for her and for those that got to come!  Mike O'Bryan's campground dulcimer week also went well in Bardstown at My Old Kentucky Home State Park Campground.  LOTS of dulcimer music being played in Bardstown these days - the Second Sunday Dulcimer Jam at the Main Library has been expanded to add more days, and Kathy Eblen's dulciimer group at Wickland Baptist Church is also growing and doing well!  So very happy for all these folks working to bring dulcimer music into the lives of others!


The Great American Dulcimer Convention will be happening next weekend, September 22, 23 & 24!  Anne MacFie has brought together a great lineup of dulcimer musicians to the beautiful mountains around Pine Mountain State Resort Park in Pineville, Kentucky.  This one is about the longest running of the dulcimer festivals and has hosted some of the all-time great names!  It is inexpensive and truly an exceptional event!


Also coming up in October is the New Harmony, Indiana dulcimer festival - Dulcimer Chautauqua On The Wabash, October 19 - 22.  This is another good one with a great lineup.


And in November the Heartland Dulcimer Festival, hosted by the Heartland Dulcimer Club, November 3 - 4, is another great one to be sure not to miss!  


You can search online and find out lots of information about all these events - and it helps everyone in our dulcimer community to be sure to attend if you can!  You won't be sorry if you do!  What a great opportunity to bring yourself lots of joy!




05/05/14 06:09:37PM @teri-west:

Thanks for the info on the Jean Richie Concert! I added it to the newsletter!

Paul Andry
09/27/12 12:57:26AM @paul-andry:

I sent you an e-maila today - hope you enjoy it!

Dana R. McCall
04/28/10 09:13:54AM @dana-r-mccall:
Good morning Nancy, How u doing this fine crisp morning? We had a wonderful get together last night. Colista Ledford Homers wife came and sat in with us she is a very sweet woman. Also a new dulcimer player from Mt Sterling Allen Blair came and played with us. It was a alround fun evening. Only thing would have made it better is if u were there. Grin.gif Have a wonderful day! ttyl
Dana R. McCall
04/07/10 01:18:14PM @dana-r-mccall:
Hello Nancy, Hope your having a wonderful day.
Linda Jo brockinton
01/12/10 10:02:15PM @linda-jo-brockinton:
HI NANCY!!! Great to hear from you. Glad Winter Weekend went well. Was worried with the weather. No I haven't been to the Ohio Gathering but would love to. Would also like to come back and see you sometime. I know you like a good party, so take a look at my pictures. I have a Diva weekend here in Little Rock in Sept and I posted a picture of our Sat nite PJ party. We had a blast , just the most fun along with 12 hrs of instruction, just a fun girl time extended weekend. Hope to see you soon. Semi retired now, thank the Lord. But with mom have dementia or whatever it is I am still overwhelmed at times. Trying to hang on to the music tho, is my only sanity. Stay warm. LB
Rod Westerfield
12/15/09 11:01:31PM @rod-westerfield:
Nancy it wasn't posted direct by him.. but by another person.. I thought it would be good to post it here as well..
Steve Eulberg
10/10/09 09:18:32AM @steve-eulberg:
Me too! Want to have a Dulcimer Orchestra Class (could be for both kinds of dulcimers)? I've had the Finale to Beethoven's Fifth complete for a couple of years, now I'm working on Vivaldi's "Spring"
10/02/09 09:01:56AM @strumelia:
Welcome Nancy! I'm sure you will have fun here. :)
Rod Westerfield
10/01/09 08:07:51PM @rod-westerfield:
welcome glad ya joined the family...