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Location: Bardstown, KY
Country: US

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Hi, everyone!  I've been a dulcimer player for over 40 years - and I love to pass on Kentucky's rich musical heritage to the next generations.  I guess I'm best known as the driving force behind KENTUCKY MUSIC WEEK and KENTUCKY MUSIC WINTER WEEKEND festivals with a focus on classes.  I've made my living with my dulcimer my entire life and I'm a singer and tune and song writer. I love playing with KENTUCKY STANDARD BAND with Alice Burton, Debbie Grizzell and David Wilson.  We have about seven CDs out and our music is the true joy of my life.  I have two children, both very talented and creative but neither are musicians.  I'm located near Bardstown, Kentucky on a little farm.  At night there are no lights to be seen - just the Milky Way in my sky!

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Nancy Barker
@nancy-barker • 2 months ago • comments: 10
Posted a new Comment on KENTUCKY MUSIC WEEK -(KY):
"Jan - I will try to stop by and say hello during lunch one day!  FOMD table at KMW sounds wonderful!"
Nancy Barker
@nancy-barker • 2 months ago • comments: 10
Posted a new Comment on KENTUCKY MUSIC WEEK -(KY):
"Only about 3 weeks from KENTUCKY MUSIC WEEK and we are busy here in Bardstown getting everything ready for a great week!  Also getting excited to see..."
Nancy Barker
@nancy-barker • 3 months ago • comments: 10
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05/05/14 06:09:37PM @teri-west:

Thanks for the info on the Jean Richie Concert! I added it to the newsletter!

Paul Andry
09/27/12 12:57:26AM @paul-andry:

I sent you an e-maila today - hope you enjoy it!

Dana R. McCall
04/28/10 09:13:54AM @dana-r-mccall:
Good morning Nancy, How u doing this fine crisp morning? We had a wonderful get together last night. Colista Ledford Homers wife came and sat in with us she is a very sweet woman. Also a new dulcimer player from Mt Sterling Allen Blair came and played with us. It was a alround fun evening. Only thing would have made it better is if u were there. Grin.gif Have a wonderful day! ttyl
Dana R. McCall
04/07/10 01:18:14PM @dana-r-mccall:
Hello Nancy, Hope your having a wonderful day.
Linda Jo brockinton
01/12/10 10:02:15PM @linda-jo-brockinton:
HI NANCY!!! Great to hear from you. Glad Winter Weekend went well. Was worried with the weather. No I haven't been to the Ohio Gathering but would love to. Would also like to come back and see you sometime. I know you like a good party, so take a look at my pictures. I have a Diva weekend here in Little Rock in Sept and I posted a picture of our Sat nite PJ party. We had a blast , just the most fun along with 12 hrs of instruction, just a fun girl time extended weekend. Hope to see you soon. Semi retired now, thank the Lord. But with mom have dementia or whatever it is I am still overwhelmed at times. Trying to hang on to the music tho, is my only sanity. Stay warm. LB
Rod Westerfield
12/15/09 11:01:31PM @rod-westerfield:
Nancy it wasn't posted direct by him.. but by another person.. I thought it would be good to post it here as well..
Steve Eulberg
10/10/09 09:18:32AM @steve-eulberg:
Me too! Want to have a Dulcimer Orchestra Class (could be for both kinds of dulcimers)? I've had the Finale to Beethoven's Fifth complete for a couple of years, now I'm working on Vivaldi's "Spring"
10/02/09 09:01:56AM @strumelia:
Welcome Nancy! I'm sure you will have fun here. :)
Rod Westerfield
10/01/09 08:07:51PM @rod-westerfield:
welcome glad ya joined the family...