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Location: Spartanburg, SC
Country: US

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@Joe Perrotta, 12/07/16 02:24:02PM
Good to see you on here. Sadly, I seem to have lost interest in the Dulcimer over the past few years. You know how I hated practicing. I sold my original and still have the Prussia Mountain I bought at the Helen gathering several years ago. I have taken up fishing after 40 years and last July had a knee replacement. Second knee is scheduled for Jan. 16. I might try to pick up the Dulcimer again during the recoup.
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@Paula Brawdy, 10/03/16 07:27:33AM
Love the teaching video's you have posted! just found them!! I am going to start with katy fetch the soap!

Do you happen to have tab for this? I would love to teach it to the dulcimer group I belong to.... Thanks so much!!! Paula Brawdy
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@Gwen Caeli, 05/13/16 11:48:42AM
Goodness, Ron! Reconnecting with you has made my day! What an unexpected delight. Oops, I forgot to grow old, guess I'll get around to it one of these days! Glad you liked Snake River Reel.
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@Ron Crosswhite, 05/13/16 10:48:09AM
Love the "Snake River Reel". Also, why have you not aged, as I have in the last 20+ years.