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Dulcimer "Planxty Fanny Power"

musician/member name: Entertainment
Duration: 00:04:06
O'Carolan, blinded by smallpox at age 17, rose above his disability by composing and playing beautiful harp music for his patrons. To honor and thank them, he would compose "planxties" in their name. This one was written for the lovely, young Fanny Power.
Gwen Caeli
05/03/16 09:27:23PM @gwen-caeli:

Hi Gordon! O'Carolan had quite a way with words also, writing a poem called "Planxty Fanny Power".  From Ireland's old Bardic Schools, fili (court poets) endured long hours to perfect their craft, and cruitire (instrumental harp music) was composed as accompaniment for the fili. I have a feeling that O'Carolan was both fili and cruitire for this tune! He wrote:

I wish to speak of a gracious young lady,
A loveable lady of beauty and reputation,
Who lives in the town near the bay of Loch Riabhach.
I'm thankful that I had the chance to meet her.

She's lively, airy, - a cultured fine maiden,
The love of all Ireland and a nice cultured pearl.
O drink up now and don't be slack!
To Fanny, the daughter of David.

She is the swan at the edge of the bay,
Crowds of men are dying for her love.
She's nice gentle Fanny of locks and braids,
Who often gets the prize for beauty.

May I not leave this world, if I may be so bold,
Unless I can first cheerfully dance at your wedding feast.
I challenge the one who would ever ask a dowry for you,
O Pearl-Child of white hands.

Gwen Caeli
05/03/16 08:45:56PM @gwen-caeli:

Hi Gail!  It is a Blue Lion that I have had for several decades.  If a dulcimer maker plays in my preferred style, then it makes sense to me that the instrument setup will be conducive to my playing style.  I think Janita Baker is one of the best fingerpickers out there, so the instrument was a 'sensical' choice for me! 

Gwen Caeli
05/03/16 07:33:04PM @gwen-caeli:

Larry is a talented master tab composer, isn't he, Dr. Gardner?!  I mostly play what my ear hears and my heart feels, not really relying on tab.  Though, my computer is full of tab compositions I have written for others - keeps me out of trouble!  Thanks so much for your comment!  

Gordon Hardy
05/03/16 05:01:17PM @gordon-hardy:

Thank you Gwen, that is indeed lovely. Thanks also for the background about O'Carolan and his planxties.

Gail Webber
05/03/16 01:19:02PM @gail-webber:

That was beautiful, Gwen!  What type of dulcimer are you playing on this?

Gwen Caeli
05/03/16 12:47:55PM @gwen-caeli:

Thanks John and Lexie - good tunes don't die, even if they are more than 300 years old!



Lexie R Oakley
05/03/16 10:23:37AM @lexie-r-oakley:

Lovely Gwen.

John Henry
05/03/16 02:04:39AM @john-henry:

One of my favourite Carolan tunes..........thanks for sharing Gwen !