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"Old Rosin the Beau"

musician/member name: Music
Duration: 00:03:02
'Rosin' was apparently a euphemism for ale, so the play on words of
rosining the beau, as in a lady's man who played the fiddle, was like a
fiddler's dram. The most well-known song words are about a minstrel
nearing the end of his life. As a pub evening gets later, the ale is
more the pleasure sought, than the playing of music. The senses get
dulled, but not the lifting of an arm!

The melody has been used for many songs, including no fewer than four
political songs between 1840 and 1875. Songs include "Men of the
West", "Old Settlers Song" (Acres of Clams), "Down in the Willow Garden"
(Rose Connelly), "Lincoln and Liberty", ""Sawyer's Exit" in the 1860
Sacred Harp, "The Liberty Ball", "The True Spirit", "Little
Vanity", "Old Tippecanoe", Two Dollars a Day and Roast Beef", "Then
It's Irishmen, What Are You Doing?", "Straight Out
Democrat", "Tippecanoe and Morton, Too", " Grandfather's Hat", "The
Hayseed", "The Agrarian Ball", "He's the Man for Me", "The Mill Boy of
the Slashes", "Old Hal o'the West", ""Sherman's March to the
Sea", "Freemen, Rally!" and "I Cannot Support Him, Can You?".
09/01/16 11:18:08AM @whocindylou:

Soothing, relaxing, sweet stringed lovliness!

Gwen Caeli
09/01/16 09:35:13AM @gwen-caeli:

Dear Jan, you are so welcome!  Music is indeed a blessing, always puts my heart and head in the right place.

Jan Potts
09/01/16 12:46:43AM @jan-potts:

Oh my, this is lovely!  It's 1am and I just happened upon this before turning in for the night...thank you so much for this performance of one of my favorite tunes!  I feel blessed!nod

Gwen Caeli
08/28/16 08:51:12PM @gwen-caeli:

Thanks, Monica - aren't we the lucky ones to take in the beauty created by Bob and Janita every time we sit down with our dulcet tones?! 

Gwen Caeli
08/28/16 08:48:59PM @gwen-caeli:

Terry, from November 17-20 there will be about 250 mountain/hammered/bowed dulcimer/autoharp/ukulele/native flute players from Georgia and other nearby states that completely fill the beautiful Unicoi State Park Lodge and Campground in Helen, GA. Many others come and hang out for the day, but the hotel rooms and conference center classrooms are maxed out by 250 registrants. This is the 28th annual festival.  There are many workshops, faculty, vendors, jams and major nightly concerts in Masters Hall by the teaching faculty.  

Check it out at . Look under the tab "Events" at the top of the home page.  It is the major dulcimer event in the state.  Hope you might be able to participate!  Registration starts Sept. 1 and sells out quickly - you need to be a member of North Georgia Foothills Dulcimer Association to be able to register.

Terry Wilson
08/28/16 08:01:48PM @terry-wilson:

Gwen Caeli:

 Thanks, Terry! Are you heading up to North Georgia in November for Fall Festival?  Hope to meet up with you there - maybe we can jam together!

Hi Gwen

I know nothing of the North Georgia Fall Festival.  I'll look into it and see what the possibilities are.

That would be nice to jam with you and others.  That's an experience I  am not very familiar with.

08/28/16 07:09:12PM @monica:

Beautiful version , love my rosewood blue lion too!!

Gwen Caeli
08/28/16 06:08:44PM @gwen-caeli:

Hi Dusty, so glad you approve! The standard version played in my part of the country always fills in the pauses at each phrase end on a V chord. It grows weary after playing so many times!  So instead of a V chord, the VIm chord fits nicely in the sequence and changes up the tune.

If I can fly into Sacramento again to visit Mom and family in Folsom, I will try to schedule it to make it to River City Dulcimers, so glad you got that going.

Take care!

Dusty Turtle
08/28/16 03:15:41PM @dusty:

What a beautifil rendition of this tune!  And what a gorgeous dulcimer!

Lexie R Oakley
08/28/16 12:59:03PM @lexie-r-oakley:

Sorry Gwen, oh it is great seeing you, love your music, think of you often and watch your videos every chance I get....HUG

Gwen Caeli
08/28/16 12:39:21PM @gwen-caeli:

Sure, Paula!  The dulcimer is from Blue Lion Instruments, made by Bob and Janita Baker.  It s made of East Indian rosewood and Western Red Cedar.  Janita did the remarkable inlay work of a rose vine, with inlaid dragonfly fret markers.  It is showing it's age, as it was made in 1994.  

When my father passed away in 1991, I was looking for a meaningful way to use some money that he left me.  He loved music and singing, so I decided his memory could be honored best through the sweet song of this dulcimer.

Gwen Caeli
08/28/16 12:30:08PM @gwen-caeli:

That's so funny, Lexie - so many of us only know each other by 'hearing', not by 'seeing'!!  Thanks for 'listenng!dulcimer

Gwen Caeli
08/28/16 12:23:07PM @gwen-caeli:

 Thanks, Terry! Are you heading up to North Georgia in November for Fall Festival?  Hope to meet up with you there - maybe we can jam together!

08/28/16 11:48:29AM @paula-gautreau:

Nice! Also, love the sound of your dulcimer - can you give information about it? Thanks!


Lexie R Oakley
08/28/16 11:48:11AM @lexie-r-oakley:

Really beautifully played Gwen, nice to hear you again.

Terry Wilson
08/28/16 10:04:28AM @terry-wilson:

Hi Gwen, 

That was absolutely beautiful.  I love the beauty of your dulcimer.  Kind of a wow moment,  seeing an instrument so pretty.