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Tutorial "Katy, Fetch the Soap Home!"

musician/member name: Music
Duration: 00:09:22
Simple instruction on how to play this obscure, yet fun, fiddle tune
from Southeastern Kentucky on mountain dulcimer.
Gwen Caeli
10/05/16 12:45:42PM @gwen-caeli:

Hi Jan! This is such a delightful, full of 'whoopee' tune to play, so glad you are going to try it.  Also glad to see you are coming to Fall Festival at Unicoi! There were only six registration spaces open last night and one of my students grabbed one, so down to five openings. This is one of the best Festivals - an epic 87 workshops this year.  Please look me up at one my teaching locations that will be listed in the Welcome Packet upon arrival at the lodge. Can't wait to see you!  

Jan Potts
10/05/16 12:36:02AM @jan-potts:

This is an excellent tutorial, Gwen!  I hope to learn it before Unicoi!

Gwen Caeli
10/03/16 09:08:15PM @gwen-caeli:

Glad you enjoyed the videos, Paula! Since "Katy, Fetch the Soap Home!" is for ear-training purposes,there is no tab. The best way to build those 'neural pathways' in our brain to learn a new tune is by tossing the paper and getting the tune into our ears/brain. The remarkable brain fires and builds neurons in both hemispheres in order to process music. Every time a tune is heard and played, the clearer and more permanent the neural path and the quicker we really learn that tune!

Since the tab numbers are spoken in the video, just write them down for your group, then add the rhythm that you hear when the tune is played "up to tempo" at the beginning of the video. Good luck with it!