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The Diligent Dulcimer - Parallel Voice Leading

musician/member name: Music
Duration: 00:02:55
A tutorial on how to easily create parallel harmonies on mountain dulcimer. This is possible because of the dulcimer's diatonic (8-note) scale, instead of having a full chromatic (12-note) scale.
Gwen Caeli
09/03/17 07:38:22PM @gwen-caeli:

Welcome, Robin! Since parallel harmonies are a natural in any 1-5-5 tuning, we sometimes don't realize it can also be done in any 1-5-8 tuning.  It is so much fun to open up our possibilities! 

Robin Thompson
09/03/17 06:58:41PM @robin-thompson:

Gwen, I'm a noter player yet am interested in having another tool or two in my toolbelt.  :) Thanks for this! 

Gwen Caeli
08/10/17 11:26:04AM @gwen-caeli:

For newer players and those uncomfortable in playing without 'tab'!  Sometimes letting go of the 'paper' and letting our fingers naturally play in parallel positions to create an easy harmony is good for the soul.

Dulcimerrily, Gwen