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Winter's Turning

Winter's Turning

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This is an instrumental I wrote, fingerpicked on my 4-equidistant string Sunhearth dulcimer. There's guitar backup the second time through, and then the dulcimer plays a harmony part to the guitar on the third time.
Heidi Muller
07/20/19 11:57:41AM @heidi-muller:

Thanks, Leny-Sue!

07/20/19 08:39:19AM @leny-sue:

So very lovely. What a gift io music you have!

Heidi Muller
12/22/18 12:11:27AM @heidi-muller:

Thank you all... and so nice to hear from you, Marc, and thanks for your sweet comments. By the way, the Inland Folk radio show on Northwest Public Radio (Washington State) closed with our version of your Snow Shoveler's Reel last Saturday!

12/21/18 09:51:52PM @irene:

I just love this too!!   Happy Winter's Solstice to ye all.  aloha, irene

Marc Mathieu
12/21/18 09:18:18PM @marc-mathieu:

Greetings Heidi!  What a beautifully arranged composition - love it !

Perfect to listen to on this 1st day of winter.

Only problem ... it's too short smiler  I could listen to it all evening non-stop.

Merry Christmas to you and Bob & hope we get to cross paths at a festival somewhere.

Heidi Muller
12/16/18 01:37:16PM @heidi-muller:

Thank you.

Gail Webber
12/16/18 11:57:54AM @gail-webber:

This is so beautiful!

12/13/18 06:20:22PM @elvensong:

This is perfect music for drinking hot chocolate by the fire and reflecting. Thanks so much Heidi.

Kevin R.
12/13/18 05:48:49PM @kevin-r:

Very beautiful! 

Dusty Turtle
12/13/18 04:46:01PM @dusty-turtle:

So pretty.  I love the way the guitar and dulcimer weave around each other, especially the third time through.

Robin Thompson
12/13/18 02:33:37PM @robin-thompson:

Just a perfect accompaniment to this December day, Heidi.  

Heidi Muller
12/13/18 01:57:55PM @heidi-muller:

Thanks, folks!

Salt Springs
12/13/18 07:16:52AM @salt-springs:


Alan Thompson
12/13/18 03:38:48AM @alan-thompson:

Thank you so much for posting this it is just glorious

12/13/18 03:32:13AM @ariane:

This is just wonderful, Heidi! I love it.