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Patricia Delich
03/04/12 02:20:53PM @patricia-delich:

Hi Patty, consider subscribing to our channel: to get notifications on new videos we upload for our documentary on the mountain dulcimer. I'll also be posting information about the video on this site when it's done.

Thanks for your interest!


Patty from Virginia
03/04/12 01:38:15PM @patty-from-virginia:

Patricia, I would love to see the documentary segment about the builders and how a dulcimer is built. Thanks for posting the picturesSmile.gif

Dusty Turtle
03/04/12 01:38:25AM @dusty:

Thanks for sharing that clip. It's amazing to me that the dulcimer "renaissance" that you guys ignited has continued, with more and more people atteding festivals every year, lots of really great luthiers putting out wonderful instruments, websites such as this one and ED, and so forth. And yet newscasters today asked to do a similar story would be just as clueless as were their boobtune brethren back then.

Patricia Delich
03/03/12 11:41:46PM @patricia-delich:

Patty, your ears must be burning because we (my husband Wayne Jiang and I) are making a documentary about the mountain dulcimer and we will be having a segment about builders. In fact, we just spent the day with Howard filming him making a dulcimer. I posted a couple of photos from today's shoot on my page: . Grin.gif


Patty from Virginia
03/03/12 03:16:38PM @patty-from-virginia:

Great news story. Thanks for posting thisSmile.gif I wish someone could post a video on how dulcimers are made start to finish like the Factory show on the Sci channel. I love to see how things are made.

03/02/12 09:35:41PM @phil:

Man you guys had/have the greatest job.

Wayne Jiang
03/02/12 08:30:55PM @wayne-jiang:

Nice footage Howard!

Karen Keane
03/02/12 07:04:23PM @karen-keane:

Wow, what a blast from the past. Thanks for posting this.Grin.gif

Jim Fawcett
03/02/12 05:55:15PM @jim-fawcett:

Pretty cool.

John Keane
03/02/12 05:35:11PM @john-keane:

I loved watching this glimpse back to Fenton and the shop. Thanks for sharing this!

03/02/12 04:11:22PM @strumelia:

Howard that is really great!

I bet there are way more dulcimers in existence today than back then!

And pretty amusing to hear the dulcimer talked about in classic 'clueless/bemused news broadcaster' voices. lol!