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little chubby

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Howard Rugg
07/16/13 01:12:48PM @howard-rugg:

Thanks Guy and everyone else for the strokesGrin.gif

Guy Babusek
07/16/13 01:02:35PM @guy-babusek:

I love little chubby!!! That was so wonderful!

Rob N Lackey
03/08/12 05:52:57AM @rob-n-lackey:

Wonderful, Wonderful, Wonderful. I agree with everyone on "Little Chubby." I'd love to have one as well. As for Michael's and Peter's playing, what can I say??? It was just great.

John Keane
03/04/12 11:44:06AM @john-keane:

I agree with Karen (it's the smart thing for me to do Grin.gif ). I enjoyed this a bunch. We have GOT to get to the Bigfoot Museum some day!

Karen Keane
03/04/12 11:02:16AM @karen-keane:

We all have Dulcimer Disease here. Warning: It highly contagious and there is no cure. LOL

I love the vid and Little Chubby was great. That was a great rendition of Old Joe Clark.Grin.gif

Dusty Turtle
03/04/12 01:23:42AM @dusty:

Very cool. Are little chubbies going to be built regularly? I bet there would be decent interestin a short dulcimer with the volume that body seems to offer.

That duet was fun, man. Can we hear the rest of the jam? I don't believe you guys would get together and just play one song.

Patty from Virginia
03/03/12 03:31:34PM @patty-from-virginia:

I guess this answers my question I asked on your previous video. I like this. Love the playing and the duet. Thanks for postingSmile.gif