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Singvogel Ländler

musician/member name: Music
Duration: 00:02:40
Here is a little tune I wrote recently. I really love how it sounds on this Ron Ewing dulcimette. Singvogel means 'songbird' in German. A Ländler is a type of folk dance that was popular in Austria and Germany at the end of the 18th century. I hope you enjoy.
Dusty Turtle
09/26/18 02:29:17PM @dusty-turtle:

Oh my.  How beautiful.  This tune works so well on the little dulcimette.  And your playing is exquisite!

Noah Cline
09/25/18 09:54:45PM @noah-cline:

Nice sounding dulcimer and a sweet tune!

Cindy Stammich
09/25/18 06:26:48PM @cindy-stammich:

This is so sweet!!!!  This tune paired with the dulcimette is a perfect match!music

Dulci Clan
09/23/18 10:13:50PM @dulci-clan:

Very nice! thank you for sharing.

09/23/18 09:56:53PM @strumelia:

Delightful !

09/22/18 09:09:17PM @jenniferc:

 Thank you all very much!  I appreciate all your kind comments.  grphug

Ken Longfield
09/22/18 01:58:20PM @ken-longfield:

A very pleasant tune. Thanks for sharing it.


"The dulcimer sings a sweet song."

09/22/18 01:45:19PM @elvensong:

I got to see this on your Facebook page and I'll repeat how much I love this tune. You have a real ear to what makes a great tune and this really sounds terrific on the dulcimette!

Keep writing and sharing more "future traditional" tunes! bighug

09/22/18 11:13:07AM @ariane:

Wonderful, Jennifer! 

Dein Ländler is leiwander! - as Austrian people would say 😊

Gordon Hardy
09/22/18 10:35:33AM @gordon-hardy:

Such a pretty tune Jennifer, I did indeed enjoy! Thank you.

Salt Springs
09/22/18 06:58:00AM @salt-springs:

Vielen Dank!