Location: Bonn, Nordrhein-Westphalen
Country: Germany

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Wenn alle Brünnlein fließen (Hummel Instrumental)

Wenn alle Brünnlein fließen (Hummel Instrumental)

style or instrument: Folk

musician/member name: jost

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I recorded one verse of German folk song "Wenn alle Brünnlein fließen" on my frysian hummel. Just the tune since I still need to practice the singing. Should be enough to get an idea of the sound. I used my tab of the song based on the "Zupfgeigenhansel"-Recording:
02/27/22 05:11:56PM @jost:

Sadly today the hummel is a quite obscure instrument, there are propably more people playing the dulcimer in Germany than playing the hummel

02/27/22 04:15:12PM @jost:


Sounds great.I didn't know Friesland had a hummel.

Thanks Robin and Davis for your nice words.

Regarding the hummel: 

Actually the hummel/scheitholt and other dulcimer precedessors were played all over continental Europe (Skandinavia, Germany, Netherlands, Belgium but also in Hungary and todays Czech Republic) . My hummel was built by fellow FOTMD member Wilfried Ullrich who also wrote a great book about the history of the hummel: 

Some information about the instruments history can be found on his website (it's in German, but using Translate should help):

He lives in Norden / Ostfriesland (Easter Frisia), ca twenty miles from the village where I grew up near the Netherlands border in the federal state of Lower Saxony. The Netherlands have also a part of Friesland,  they call it just Friesland, we call it Westfriesland (Western Frisia) since Lower Saxony has also a region east of Ostfriesland also called Friesland. 

And then there is Nordfriesland (Northern Frisia) at the North Sea Coast of the federal state of Schlewsig Holstein.

I guess I managed to confuse you enough now so I will stop  now :)
If you still are interested Wikipedias article explain it a lot better than me:

Best regards, Jost.

02/27/22 02:48:06PM @davisjames:

Sounds great.I didn't know Friesland had a hummel.

Robin Thompson
02/24/22 06:17:43PM @robin-thompson:

I like the sound of your hummel, Jost.  

02/20/22 05:57:18PM @jost:

I used my tab of this charming love song, see German Folk Song Tabs