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I Never Will Marry

musician/member name: Joy W.
Duration: 00:03:29
Traditional tune known as "I Never Will Marry" which has been recorded with different verses by several artists including Linda Ronstadt, Hank Snow, Pete & Mike Seeger, and the Carter Family. It's got a couple goofs but this was about the 17th attempt and the dog and I were both getting a bit weary of it! ;-)
Joy W.
01/02/16 08:58:57PM @joy-w:

Lexie R Oakley:
Joy, that was beautiful. I love your dulci dog. My dulci dog sings to everyone's playing, but mine.

I love that my little dog loves the dulcimer. I also love that he doesn't sing along! HA!  nod

Joy W.
01/02/16 08:57:09PM @joy-w:

Ken Backer:
I started to sing along in harmony .  oh, and cute pooch.

Singing harmony is one of my favorite things. Glad you found a line with my recording!

Joy W.
01/02/16 08:55:59PM @joy-w:

Lovely! Great playing and singing. And I like those 2 chords you alternate, in between verses, cool. Hey, Joy, I see you are in Michigan. Midland no less! We're neighbors! I feel like maybe I've met you? Were you at the Midland Folk Festival?

Thanks, Mary.  I learned song (and the chords between verses) from a banjo player here in Midland and yes, I've been at the Midland Folk Festival for at least bits and pieces each of the last three years.  If you get down this way we should meet up!

Lexie R Oakley
01/02/16 02:09:56PM @lexie-r-oakley:

Joy, that was beautiful. I love your dulci dog. My dulci dog sings to everyone's playing, but mine.

Ken Backer
01/01/16 10:06:20PM @ken-backer:

Joy, such lovely singing and playing.  I started to sing along in harmony .  oh, and cute pooch.

Joy W.
12/29/15 03:28:09PM @joy-w:

I've smiled as I've read through all of your comments. Thank you! And for those of you who have mentioned my little dulcimer dog, he's the only one I've ever had that favors that spot underneath the dulcimer when I play. I wonder if the sound is somehow amplified for him there?

John W. McKinstry
12/29/15 10:34:29AM @john-w-mckinstry:

I loved both your singing and playing of this old ballad.  I look forward to hearing more.

12/29/15 06:16:49AM @sam:

Very nice. I'm familiar with the song. You played and sang it beautifully. Along with the others I have to mention your graceful little partner. 

Mark Runge
12/28/15 07:18:59PM @mark-runge:

Beautiful playing and singing. I don't have any fans like that cutie pie!

Gail Webber
12/28/15 07:06:38PM @gail-webber:

Very nice singing and playing.  Also love the little pup - what a face!

Terry Wilson
12/28/15 03:37:57PM @terry-wilson:

Hi Joy.  I enjoyed your playing and singing very much.  Cute doggy.

Joy W.
12/28/15 03:11:35PM @joy-w:

Thanks for taking the time to watch, John and Guy. I appreciate it! :-)

Guy Babusek
12/27/15 11:29:57PM @guy-babusek:

That was very lovely, Joy!

John Gribble
12/27/15 10:35:22PM @john-gribble:

Very nice playing and singing. Thank you.

Joy W.
12/27/15 09:53:20PM @joy-w:

Thank you all so much for your kind and very positive comments. I've struggled with recording myself singing so posting this was a leap of faith for me. As to Sir Tater Tot, the little white dog, he is my constant companion lately and is definitely a dulcimer dog! Helen and Christine, I have had others who were not quite so fond of my playing (or singing) so I can relate to also having dogs who leave the room when the music starts. It's really their loss, right? ;-)

12/27/15 11:37:20AM @macaodha:

This is excellent, very well done.

Christine Shoemaker
12/27/15 10:10:09AM @christine-shoemaker:

That was very beautiful, Joy!  angel   Thank you for sharing.  Hey, can I borrow your sweet little guy?  I would like him to show mine how it's supposed to be done.  winky

Rob N Lackey
12/27/15 07:49:07AM @rob-n-lackey:

Nice arrangement.  I enjoyed it very much.


Charles Thomas
12/26/15 11:32:35PM @charles-thomas:

Joy, that was thoroughly enjoyable!! You have a beautiful voice and your playing is wonderful!!