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Kantele demo

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John Henry
03/22/12 03:53:35AM @john-henry:

Great! (tho I missed it as I was asleep......28.gif ) Sounds as if you have mastered tuning techniques then Macy !


Macy Jayne
03/21/12 10:42:37PM @macy-jayne:

Just figured out Braham's Lullaby on my kantele!

03/21/12 10:31:15PM @mandy:

Wow that has a bunch of strings! Sounded pretty. Grin.gif

Patty from Virginia
03/20/12 09:19:32PM @patty-from-virginia:

Sounds cool Wendy. I like Mary had a Little LambSmile.gif

03/20/12 06:03:56PM @strumelia:

Our own fotmd member Michael King has a bunch of wonderful kantele videos on youtube:

Michael made my beautiful tagelharpa.

Macy Jayne
03/20/12 05:43:04PM @macy-jayne:

Thank you all for the encouragement as well as the very technical responses. Hain't nothin but a relaxin, strummin machine to me ya'll, kind of like a computer machine near a ce-ment pond;)

Robin Thompson
03/20/12 05:22:50PM @robin-thompson:

Macy Jane, that's cool!

03/20/12 05:19:58PM @strumelia:

Macy, that's a beautiful sounding kantele- the tone is so resonant and lovely! And it looks so beautiful too.

Do you have ideas for what music you will be playing on it?

I bought these kantele music books to use for playing my 3 stringed jouhikko/tagelharpa:

the home site has lots of good info and links:

Jeremy, I confess that you've completely scrambled my poor brain .

john p
03/20/12 09:20:32AM @john-p:

A more practical way of looking at it is in how they are played, raising the strings off the soundboard allows the harpist to get a hand on either side, zithers you only get to play one side.

Looking at the wiki posted earlier it seems concert instruments use semitone levers, which is very much a harp thing.

john p

Ken Hulme
03/20/12 08:44:03AM @ken-hulme:

Phil - harps have the strings coming out at right angles to the sound box, where zithers (psalteries are a type of zither) and lyres and dulcimers of both types have the strings running across the surface of the soundbox.

John Keane
03/20/12 06:08:11AM @john-keane:

That's really neat!

03/19/12 10:27:23PM @phil:

I think the sound of that. are they related to the Harp?