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Danny Boy

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Cindy Stammich
04/13/14 10:20:18PM @cindy-stammich:

Hi Marg!

You are doing great! Danny Boy is such a beautiful song! I am glad you are doing so well, and look forward to hearing a lot more from you!

I have spent the afternoon watching videos 113.gif I don't know when I will see them all either - there are so many - and so many wonderful ones! It is sure great to be able to come here and find SO MUCH DULCIMER MUSIC!

I work for an accounting firm - and it has been a very long busy season - today was a much needed distraction!!!

Thank you for the kind words! I love playing with the grandsons! It sure gives me joy!

My dad has been gone a long time, and I still miss playing with him.

The dulcimer has given me a new and different kind of joy in music - totally different from when my dad was here, but the dulcimer has helped me get back in to the joy ofplayingmusic.

I can be having a bad day - and a little time with the dulcimer just makes everything better! I hope it does the same for you!

Keep strumming and smiling!


04/13/14 09:49:03PM @marg:


That is so sweet of you, I have been practicing "Danny Boy" and would hope I can play it a bit better now. so much to learn and I am so new to it all.

You have been busy watching many videos in the past few hours, there are so many good ones by the members I'm not sure when I will have seen them all.

I love the story of you and your dad playing together and now you are playing on a dulcimer he made with your grand-sons. I do believe music can be hear by the universe and somewhere listening your dad is very proud of his partner.

All the best to you and thank you

Cindy Stammich
04/13/14 05:52:48PM @cindy-stammich:

That was Oh So Pretty Marg!Smile.gif

Patty from Virginia
03/16/14 09:13:18PM @patty-from-virginia:

Nice!!! Happy St. Patrick's Day to you too!!!