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Standard Hourglass Almost Done

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This is my Standard Hourglass that is nearly done. I've a bit more work but it is essentially complete. Turn your head the opposite way that mine is sometimes in the video; it is fun. Really big smiles to all!
Mark Runge
10/27/14 09:27:38PM @mark-runge:

Umm...I can take a hint about my camera prowess--or lack thereof.

Here is a picture of the siblings. Y'all will probably notice a similarity between mine and Bear Meadows and Sunhearth instruments. No matter how I change to aesthetics I will not change that. I want others to know that I came from the same place as these wonderful lines of instruments. Just today Dwain and I were talking about the way Walt named his machines and how we will be able to talk across our own names using the foundation that we're building upon.

I am in awe of Dwain's teaching ability, and if anyone has not seen the craftsmanship and mechanics that go into my instruments or those of Bear Meadows should definitely check out Dwain's web site. Even as a tank mechanic in the army I never cared about .064 of an inch. But in my luthier practice that is a large distance. Amazing! If you are looking for an apprenticeship or have a chance to study with Dwain you should. Period.

The ebony was an amazing affirmation that I'm in the right spot doing the right thing, Robin. I'm learning the Sunhearth methods through the only guy who got it from Walt. It is an honor and privilege that I will hold in the highest esteem. And to do so using some of the tools that Walt used and the ebony that he used is just icing on the cake.

Thank you, Ken. That means much coming from you.

And thank you, John. We are destined to meet again. I can feel it!

Really big smiles to all y'all.


Robin Thompson
10/25/14 04:42:00PM @robin-thompson:
It's neat you got some ebony from the old Sunhearth shop to go on an instrument(s), Mark-- seems fitting! Your dulcimer held still long enough to get some good shots of this pretty build. :)
John Keane
10/25/14 08:57:36AM @john-keane:

Mark, you are an inspiration. Hopefully we will run into you & Val again soon. Great work! Smile.gif

Ken Longfield
10/24/14 11:46:59PM @ken-longfield:

Very nice sound on that dulcimer Mark. You are doing fine work.


"The dulcimer sings a sweet song."