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Location: Miami Beach, FL
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Studio Happenings Feb. 2016

musician/member name: Entertainment
Duration: 00:01:54
This is what's going on in my shop. I'm really itching to build some instruments, but I've got to get the matting and framing done for my show next month. But I've been working with a student at school, and we're going to start building instruments for veterans who want them. Bill Taylor helped me develop a model off of his student one. I'm fortunate to have two great mentors!
Helen Seiler
02/14/16 05:02:15PM @helen-seiler:

Great artwork Mark..thanks for the sure keep busy.

Robin Thompson
02/13/16 07:01:47PM @robin-thompson:

Mark, your studio work is so good.  And the dulcimer project you're going to be doing for veterans is a most worthwhile endeavor.  

Best wishes with the show and the vet music project!  


PS- Those hacks playing on that cd should practice!  :) 

Mark Runge
02/08/16 09:10:06PM @mark-runge:

Thank y'all!

And thank you, Bill. I don't know anyone on my dad's side--the Runge side--but I wish I did. I know he grew up around the Milwaukee area and joined the army young. He had a half brother.

Big smiles to all!

Bill S
02/08/16 10:08:05AM @bill-s:

Mark, it looks like you have created some cool art.  I met Bill Taylor many years ago, he's a great guy.  BTW, my grandmother's maiden name was Runge.  Good luck with the show.


Dusty Turtle
02/06/16 10:23:22PM @dusty-turtle:

It's always nice to hear what you're up to, Mark. And you're listening to one of my favorite dulcimer CDs!

02/06/16 06:49:51PM @dan:

1-5-5, one of my favorite listens as well!!! Looks like you got a handle on things.....