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Morgenrot (in DAD)

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Patty from Virginia
05/14/13 09:13:41AM @patty-from-virginia:

Peter, I watched it yesterday and today. I am now able to view the whole video. It's beautiful113.gif . I don't know what happened the other day that it would stop at 34 seconds. Maybe my internet server was having problems.

Peter W.
05/13/13 01:40:27PM @peter-w:

Thanks for listening and taking the time to comment! Smile.gif

@Patty - it works fine for me (Firefox and Windows Vista).
Maybe a question of codecs or something (don't know too much about it). Recorded it with a Microsoft LifeCam and cut it with Windows Live Movie Maker as a wmv file.

Patty from Virginia
05/12/13 08:18:03PM @patty-from-virginia:

I don't know why but when the video reaches 34 seconds it stops. The part I did hear sounds beautiful. Peter, your web cam did a great job!!!

John Keane
05/12/13 06:17:23PM @john-keane:

That was great for a quick recording!

Peter W.
05/12/13 02:52:01PM @peter-w:

Thanks, Wayne and Carrie! Smile.gif

Mmh, where I live, the weekend is almost over now.
On the other hand - the next weekend will start about 8 hours earlier than where you live... Grin.gif