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Emma's Waltz (Taisho Koto in A-Minor)

musician/member name: Music
Duration: 00:01:22
Tuning: Melody strings in G, drone strings in A.
Peter W.
10/30/15 02:12:21PM @peter-w:

Thank you, Helen and Lisa! :)

I've uploaded some more taishokoto videos to my YT-channel . It's fun! :)

10/29/15 01:22:39PM @strumelia:

This is great!  My hat is off to you...amazing work!


Helen Seiler
09/28/15 06:06:04PM @helen-seiler:


Peter W.
09/28/15 02:42:10AM @peter-w:

Hello Dusty, thank you for your comment. Yes, capo at the 1st fret is one option. But more and more, I tune my DAD dulcimer to DAC when playing pieces in minor.

I have posted some photos of the Taisho Koto in a new gallery yesterday. You can find it here:

I bought that instrument via ebay from Japan. Even it was labelled as "used" it is in almost mint condition when it arrived here! :)


Dusty Turtle
09/28/15 02:19:57AM @dusty-turtle:

That's really cool, Peter.  Could you post a picture of the "other" side of the instrument, the one facing you?


I learned that tune on the dulcimer from Neal Hellman.  He plays it with a capo at the first fret in Em.

Peter W.
09/27/15 02:09:32PM @peter-w:

Thank you, Patty - glad you llike it! :)

Patty from Virginia
09/27/15 01:54:29PM @patty-from-virginia:

Peter, Yes, I do enjoy this. Very interesting instrument!!!

Peter W.
09/27/15 06:24:08AM @peter-w:

I got this instruments yesterday, so there are some little mistakes resp. some hesitation in this recording. Hope you enjoy anyway... :)