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Whiskey Before Breakfast

musician/member name: Music
Duration: 00:01:16
During a hiking tour through the Schwarzwald (Black Forest) today, Harald and I recorded this song sitting on a bench amid a beautiful scenery.
Peter W.
09/03/16 04:30:57AM @peter-w:

Thank you, Dusty! Nice to meet you again here.
I've been absent for a while - being busy with job, family and other musical interests. I'll try to visit FOTMD more often again now. :)

Dusty Turtle
08/31/16 09:24:56PM @dusty:

Thoroughly enoyable!

Peter W.
08/25/16 04:48:55PM @peter-w:

Thank you for your friendly comments, Jack, David and Rob!

Yes, Rob, you're right! Making music is sooo important! I have been very busy in my job during the last month and almost forgot about playing my instruments. But especially in busy times one should take the time for a creative or musical break from time to time. music

@Gordon: I'll try to find out more about the tune you mentioned! Thanks for letting me know!

Rob N Lackey
08/25/16 01:16:34PM @rob-n-lackey:

That was nice!  Y'all didn't rush through it like to had to finish the whole bottle before breakfast.  Enjoyed it very much.  Keep picking Peter.  I laid the dulcimer down for about 10 - 12 years except for playing a few Irish songs around St Patrick's Day or when someone asked me to play it.  I regret doing that very much now.  Don't be like me!


David Pedersen
08/24/16 07:48:44PM @david-pedersen:

Always enjoy your videos and music.

Jack Ferguson
08/24/16 05:56:47PM @jack-ferguson:

Great tune! Well played! Thanks Peter and Harold...

Peter W.
08/24/16 02:30:59AM @peter-w:

Thanks to all who took the time to comment or to give us a "Like".

Now my holiday is over. I hadn't been playing mountain dulcimer for a long time until this holiday week in the Black Forest. Sorry (or glad?) to say that in the Black Forest there are no bears living in the wild nowadays, Lexie! bear At least they didn't show up when I was there...

It was good to meet my mountain dulcimer pal Harald who lives in that area. He gave me the motivation to take up dulcimer playing again. So hopefully I'll keep it up when work starts again.

Best wishes!

Gail Webber
08/22/16 01:10:56PM @gail-webber:


Terry Wilson
08/22/16 08:25:45AM @terry-wilson:

Wonderful playing there guys.  Thanks!!

08/22/16 01:28:31AM @marg:

Good times, thanks


Patty from Virginia
08/21/16 01:00:42PM @patty-from-virginia:

Wonderful!!! It's good to see your smiling faces. The scenery is great too. I'm glad you are posting videos again. I always enjoy them. 

Gordon Hardy
08/21/16 02:43:09AM @gordon-hardy:

Thanks Peter and Harald, I do indeed enjoy your music offerings. Speaking of hiking in the Black Forest, I believe Hugo Winterhalter wrote a tune called "A Walk In The Black Forest". Best wishes to you.

Lexie R Oakley
08/20/16 12:16:38PM @lexie-r-oakley:

How great is that playing to the bears in the Black Forest!

Thanks Peter and Harald for sharing your song with us.