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WV Hills

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Lexie R Oakley
11/17/14 03:12:42PM @lexie-r-oakley:

I would say you played very well Sam.

It is great to have so many MD players to be inspired from.

Thanks Sam for inspiring me.113.gif

09/13/12 01:33:04AM @sam:

Thanks Dennis. With practice it might even be recognizable :)

Dennis Waldrop
09/12/12 03:25:07PM @dennis-waldrop:

Sam, very nice. Thanks for sharing

09/09/12 01:27:21AM @sam:

Thanks John ... 'preciate the kind words.

John Keane
09/08/12 09:40:28AM @john-keane:

Nice job! That was very enjoyable!

09/07/12 06:42:20PM @sam:

Thanks Dave, reckon I got a piece to go to get to where you are though. Enjoy all your videos.

09/07/12 06:10:42AM @sam:

Thanks Rob;

I'm sure you picked up on the slop. I HAVE to practice pressing, holding and letting the note follow through. The noter is a great tool for me, but unlike Cheryl, I get lazy and do not hold that nano second to make my notes distinct. I know it and I'm sure everyone else does. I have started to try to do better on that.

Thanks for the kind words.

09/07/12 06:07:38AM @sam:

Morning FOTMD ... and especially to Wayne, Patty, John Henry, Dana, Jim, Bill, Robin and Geekling. I spend my nights off at the old home place, no internet. It's always a treat to see what everyone's been up to on the boards. FOTMD and the warm encouragement I have received here is largely the reason that I have progressed the little I have with my dulcimers.

I sincerely thank everyone who has been so supportive, kind and helpful.

I don't care what JH says, y'all are pretty neat!


Rob N Lackey
09/07/12 06:05:46AM @rob-n-lackey:

Sam, Ya done good! I like the way that instrument sounds and the way you're playing it may have something to do with that.

Robin Thompson
09/06/12 08:49:53PM @robin-thompson:

Sam, you & Dave R could've accompanied the crowd gathered in Glenville at the opening of the WVStateFolkFestival the day Mark & I were there a few or so years ago! Very nice, my friend!

Bill Calhoun
09/06/12 08:10:14PM @bill-calhoun:

Hi Sam: I was introduced to the dulcimer at the Cedar Lakes Arts and Crafts fair in Ripley WV. West Virginia Hills in DAA was the tune I remember the most from those days. It sounded beautiful then and it sounds ever better hearing you play it. Peace!!

Jim Fawcett
09/06/12 06:03:20PM @jim-fawcett:

Hey Sam, not bad at all. It sounded pretty darn good. Keep up the good work.

Dana R. McCall
09/06/12 05:35:42PM @dana-r-mccall:

Sam I know you like to spin a good yarn, but saying you can't play the dulcimer is really stretching it. LOL That was GREAT! You just keep getting better.Grin.gif

Patty from Virginia
09/06/12 05:24:17PM @patty-from-virginia:

John Henry, "skinny dipping" really? Remember there are ladies presentSmile.gifGrin.gif

John Henry
09/06/12 05:21:08PM @john-henry:

Sam, ignore all that female flattery, would they go skinny dipping with you7.gif Take it from me, that was a good listen ! 41.gif .(I reckon a few of us will be trying to catch up on you with this tune. 39.gif What's coming next?)


Patty from Virginia
09/06/12 05:14:35PM @patty-from-virginia:

Sam, that was awesome41.gif41.gif41.gif I just printed Dave's tab today....If I can get through the first measure I'll be a happy camper. Thanks for sharingSmile.gif

09/06/12 03:22:17PM @sam:

Thanx all ... your kind encouragement is greatly appreciated. It's great to have 'FRIENDS' of the mountain dulcimer to help those of us who are struggling.

Cheryl Johnson
09/06/12 03:15:07PM @cheryl-johnson:

Road trip to pinch Sams's neck?? Anyone??? We'll let him cook us some yummy supper first though. :)

Cheryl Johnson
09/06/12 02:48:55PM @cheryl-johnson:
Sam...Holy Smokes!! That was really really good. If you ever say you can't play (again) I really will have to pinch ur neck....hard! Love that tune....gonna learn it!
09/06/12 02:48:17PM @mandy:

Hey Sam, nice sounding dulcimer there! That noter stuff is really tough for me.