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Location: Signal Mountain, TN
Country: US

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Bonnie Langston
04/07/14 05:00:53PM @bonnie-langston:

Hi, Stephen, I'm a beginning player of the mountain dulcimer. Attended weekend workshops at the beginning of March in Albany, ordered a dulcimer about a week later and it arrived in the mail on St. Patrick's Day. I've been playing ever since. But the main point I want to make is I've benefited a lot from your YouTube video about learning songs by watching solid players, and "Pretty Betty Martin" is now in my (tiny) repertoire. Thank you! I like your teaching style and will likely subscribe to your online classes. I told another dulcimer-playing newbie and friend about the site as well. I see you are on the teaching roster for the Kentucky Music Festival (not sure is that is the correct title) in June. I hope I can meet you some day.

Wout Blommers
09/01/13 02:48:25PM @wout-blommers:

Hallo Stephen,

On the chord/melody forum there is a video you playing the bass in the song St Louis Blues. De question which was asked there if it is a chromatic , or partial chromatic or diatonic instreument.

Thank you,

Wout Blommers

04/20/13 05:06:16PM @strumelia:

Hi Stephen, please see my message in your INBOX, thanks!

06/13/12 08:57:48PM @susie:

Stephen, Hello. I'm looking forward to meeting you at Evart this year. Will be attending your workshops. Can't wait.

Marion Seaman
01/01/12 11:32:07AM @marion-seaman:

Welcome aboard stephen Smile.gif

Marion - 'fingerpicking' 'uk and european and 'music theory' group

Robin Thompson
12/31/11 02:18:21PM @robin-thompson:
Glad you've joined Rosin the Bow, Steve! It's a quiet group and a good one. :) Feel free to contribute liberally!
Jon W Harris
12/30/11 06:47:50PM @jon-w-harris:

Welcome aboard Steven.

Your expertise will surely enhance our attempts at education.

Stay in tune,


Barbara Maas
12/30/11 03:13:50PM @barbara-maas:

Welcome Stephen. So happy to have you contribute to the group. :) Barbara

04/29/11 10:51:11PM @strumelia:

Stephen it would be a great honor if you'd join the Box Dulcimer Group here sometime

I know you have a lot of knowledge about TMB's in particular.

Mary Z. Cox
04/04/10 10:18:28AM @mary-z-cox:
Enjoyed seeing you in Port Allen. I liked your singing too. :)Best wishes,Mary Z.
Sally Pena
09/24/09 08:29:56AM @sally-pena:
Welcome Stephen! I'm still raving about the experiences with you at Mountain Dulcimer Week. I surely enjoyed you.
Patrick O'Brien
09/24/09 03:53:43AM @patrick-obrien:
Good day Stephen, welcome to the neighborhood !!!
John R. Pitcock
09/23/09 11:16:25PM @john-r-pitcock:
Be sure to check out Doug Berch's "Dulcimer Building" group on FOTMD.
John R. Pitcock
09/23/09 11:13:59PM @john-r-pitcock:
Hi Stephen; Good to see you here, you will be among many friends. Best regards, and welcome.
09/23/09 10:55:08PM @strumelia:
Hey, great to see you here- welcome! :)
Rod Westerfield
09/23/09 10:53:14PM @rod-westerfield:
Welcome Stephen glad to see ya here...
09/23/09 10:46:31PM @razyn:
Welcome aboard. I'm coming to Nashville for Thanksgiving, will you be around? (Before -- probably not after, Turkey Day.)