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Question for teachers during COVID-19

Hi teachers! I do not teach mountain dulcimer but I do teach hammered dulcimer in students’ homes. For the last 2 months, however, I have...
@SheilaG started 3 years ago - replies: 1
Karen B

Teaching adults—two venues

For the past three years, I have offered courses at OLLI — Osher Lifelong Learning Institute— at American U. in Washington DC.  Many universities...
@Karen B started 5 years ago - replies: 1
John W. McKinstry

A simple chord accompaniment in D A A

In D A A, using the finger- chord style method, I have found that a simple chord accompaniment tabbed: D= 530, G= 630 & A= 404  is useful...
@John W. McKinstry started 5 years ago - replies: 0
John W. McKinstry

Ways of getting people interested in the dulcimer

Here are some ways that I have tried to get people interested in the dulcimer. First I perform with the dulcimer, sometimes at church or at the...
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John W. McKinstry

Mt. Dulcimer for loan at library

Hi everyone, Our local library loans out a Ukulele and has had a lot of interest in this. With this idea in mind I am going offer the library a Mt....
@John W. McKinstry started 5 years ago - replies: 5
Dusty Turtle

teaching multiple versions of a song

I have had a lot of success teaching beginning dulcimer players by offering multiple versions of a song with increasing complexity.  I first did...
@Dusty Turtle started 5 years ago - replies: 3
Matt Berg

Carpal Tunnel & dulcimers

A student in my class has carpal tunnel syndrome.  This causes her hand to hurt when she plays.  So far I have had her move the dulcimer further...
@Matt Berg started 6 years ago - replies: 4
John W. McKinstry

Dulcimer Discovery Workshop Experiment

Hi everyone,  A dulcimer student of mine is a children's librarian and she asked me to do a month's long,a  4 session introduction to the Mt....
@John W. McKinstry started 7 years ago - replies: 0
John Keane

Classroom Dulcimer Discovery

I wanted to share a little discovery concerning a great dulcimer for classroom use (an alternative to cardboard). The Flat Creek Dulcimer Shop in...
@John Keane started 11 years ago - replies: 10
Laura Bell


I am a chaplain in a nursing facility who teaches mountain dulcimer. I have been using Tabledit to transcribe music with font size 22 so people...
@Laura Bell started 9 years ago - replies: 8
Bing Futch

Studies for Diatonic and Chromatic Mountain Dulcimer

[UPDATED: If you've already downloaded the .pdf for D Diatonic Scales, please download the correct version for D Diatonic Scales again....
@Bing Futch started 12 years ago - replies: 14
Pete Staehling

Printed Material

Not sure this is the right place to ask, but I figured teachers would have an opinion on this.I am selling dulcimers with a good portion of my...
@Pete Staehling started 9 years ago - replies: 5
Nina Zanetti

DAD or DAA for beginners?

Some of us in my local club have been wondering which tuning, DAA or DAD is more commonly used these days for introducing NEW players to the...
@Nina Zanetti started 11 years ago - replies: 27
Jerry C Rockwell

dulcimer tab with Finale 2012

the folks at MakeMusic had a great price on their Finale 2012 notation software, so I thought I'd give it a whirl. My main dulcimer tab program is...
@Jerry C Rockwell started 10 years ago - replies: 19
Nina Zanetti

suggestions for new beginner

Hello, dulcimer teachers, I've taught many dulcimer workshops, but not very many private lessons, and not yet any beginner students. Until now. I...
@Nina Zanetti started 11 years ago - replies: 5
Robin Clark

First Workshops

I finally had the time and opportunity to run my very first mountain dulcimer workshops last weekend. So I thought I'd post a simple report of how...
@Robin Clark started 12 years ago - replies: 9

Age, does it make a difference?

I stumbled onto Lisa's blog this evening and read from the following post: It...
@TERI WEST started 14 years ago - replies: 19

Planning a beginner Workshop - what do I need to think about?

Hello lovely Dulcimer chums!I know I have been away for some months from these boards, which is due to a combination of being back to fulltime work...
@Foggers started 13 years ago - replies: 7