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Flatpicking "The South Wind"

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Duration: 00:02:10
Everyone does it, I know; but there's a reason: it's a great song! Here's my take, in a mostly flatpicked rendition. DAA tuning.
Steve Battarbee
04/27/15 04:11:59PM @steve-battarbee:

Fine playing there William

John Keane
04/24/15 06:38:35AM @john-keane:

Really nice playing!

William Mann
04/21/15 03:30:59PM @william-mann:

Thanks for the positive feedback! My arrangement of this tune may be slightly different than what many folks are used to hearing at jam sessions. For fiddle tunes, I generally don't work off of existing dulcimer tablature or what I hear other dulcimer players doing; instead, I listen to fiddlers (or fiddle-heavy string bands) and try to develop an arrangement based on theirs (though usually still somewhat simplified). That can be difficult with fast songs, but with slower pieces like this I really like the results.

Ken Backer
04/21/15 08:34:01AM @ken-backer:

Very well done, William. Nice playing of this sweet ol' song.

Brian G.
04/20/15 09:05:34PM @brian-g:

Great job William. I enjoyed this very much. :)

Lexie R Oakley
04/20/15 10:32:35AM @lexie-r-oakley:

Very pretty William, thanks for your soothing music.

Cynthia Wigington
04/20/15 07:33:40AM @cynthia-wigington:

Balm for the soul William. Thank you.