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reclamed woods to become Dulcimers

I was in one of my favorite junk shops yesterday poking around never...
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Needing help fora bass Dulcimer

little over a year ago I made a TMD with out going back and...
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Black Hearted Sassafras

with all the things I need to do and finish up you think I would not be...
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my first home made box dulcimer

well it may not be much to look at but I am proud of it, It's only a...
@phil 12 years ago - Comments: 5

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An short Video of my Baritone Dulcimer

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This is what came in the mail.

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House fire

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Christmas gift to FOTMD

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Now this is Cool- museum if Appalachia

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The Power of Music

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Jam Etiquette - Rules To Pick By...

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Makeing Bread

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Gordon Hardy
05/12/14 02:06:20PM @gordon-hardy:

Thanks Phil, I appreciate your comment.


Ken Hulme
03/11/14 08:25:23PM @ken-hulme:

Heighty-ho, Phil!

Jack Ferguson
03/03/14 09:09:28AM @jack-ferguson:

BTW, really liked your video playing yournew baritone.Grin.gif

Jack Ferguson
03/03/14 09:02:48AM @jack-ferguson:

Funny Phil,I thought the same when I first saw your name. Just let me know. I'll be glad to work with you on it.Smile.gif

Karel Votanek
11/22/13 02:18:07PM @karel-votanek:

Hello Phil,

thank You very much for your comment.


Dusty Turtle
06/28/13 07:00:19PM @dusty:

Who's that young guy who replaced Phil's profile photo?

Bill Doerge
09/25/12 10:25:55PM @bill-doerge:

Thanks for the welcome!

Gordon Hardy
08/18/12 01:06:51PM @gordon-hardy:

Thanks for the welcome Phil, I think i'm going to enjoy this site.

Cheryl Johnson
08/13/12 05:41:48AM @cheryl-johnson:

Good story Phil! Looking forward to seeing and hearing your banjo!

Doris Coleman
08/10/12 09:15:11AM @doris-coleman:

Hi Phil, thanks for welcoming me to the site...will enjoy all the dulcimer folks, information and articles.


Jennifer L Gonzalez
08/10/12 12:08:16AM @jennifer-l-gonzalez:
Thanks for the welcome, Phil! :0)
Nancy Holthus
08/03/12 08:59:09PM @nancy-holthus:

Hi Phil, Thanks for the welcome, I cant wait to fully utilize this site and make some new friends with the same interest!

Jon Boyer
07/06/12 09:04:12AM @jon-boyer:

Thanks for the welcome Phil.

chuck queisser
07/03/12 01:33:19AM @chuck-queisser:

Thank you!!

Anthony G. Spangler
06/19/12 04:48:17PM @anthony-g-spangler:


Thanks for the welcome! I'm stuck up here in the flatlands (Indy) now, but originally I'm from Bloomington, not so very far away from you!


Steve Mehlhose
06/12/12 08:15:06PM @steven-j-mehlhose:

Thank you very much!!!

Leslie Ainsworth
06/12/12 12:04:35PM @leslie-ainsworth:

Thanks, so much. I dare say, I feel like an old dog learning new tricks. But, that's what keeps us young, right?Smile.gif

Steve Mehlhose
06/10/12 09:51:31PM @steven-j-mehlhose:

Thank you. I think this will be a good way to get together with other dulcimer players. By the way, Is there any way to find out if there are other members in my area? I live in the Charleston, South Carolina area and would be interested in getting together with other people who are interested in the Dulcimer. My wife (she is already a member here) also plays by the way.

Steve Mehlhose

05/16/12 05:46:21PM @jergen:

Thank you very much for your friends request , so i could take a look at your great artworks. Your paintings remind me a lot of my favoured painter monet.

Hope to meet you in chat sometime again , Jergen

Jerry Posner
05/14/12 06:54:34AM @jerry-posner:
Thanks for the welcome. Much appreciated!