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Seahorse Mini Jumbo Dulcimer sound sample

musician/member name: Education
Duration: 00:00:58
Sound sample of the Seahorse Mini Jumbo dulcimer I recently finished. It’s both a small and big dulcimer, The body is 10.5” wide and 2.75” deep, yet the overall length is only 31”. The scale length is 24”, great for folks with smaller hands. It’s small enough to fit into a modified baritone ukulele case. It’s a dulcimer with a big voice, with fantastic deep bass and bright treble. First growth redwood top (from an old water tank in Santa Cruz Mountains) eastern walnut sides, figured book matched California walnut back, curly English walnut ( from a friend’s tree here in Portland, Oregon). This is the third mini dulcimer I build. They all sound wonderful but this one is the most beautiful dulcimer I built so far. They are designed to sound great with other strings instruments ( banjos, fiddles, mandolins, etc) in acoustic jams. The mini jumbo has more volume and deeper resonance than a traditional dulcimer.
Dusty Turtle
12/31/22 03:58:11AM @dusty-turtle:


Cindy Stammich
12/31/22 12:53:15AM @cindy-stammich:

What a beautiful dulcimer with a beautiful sound!

Wayne Jiang
12/24/22 05:16:13PM @wayne-jiang:

Thanks Ken!

Ken Longfield
12/24/22 11:55:44AM @ken-longfield:

Beautiful sound. Very nice work.


"The dulcimer sings a sweet song."

12/23/22 07:54:44PM @dan: