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Morrison's Jig

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Duration: 00:03:29
Frank Dudgeon
02/27/12 09:15:08PM @frank-dudgeon:

Wonderful! As a recent fan of Morris dance (from afar and via Youtube and other videos) i was delighted to see this. Beautifully done.

02/16/12 10:18:16AM @mandy:

Very nice, love the bells addition. I need to rig up something similarGrin.gif Grin.gif Grin.gif Grin.gif

Blue Hand
02/09/12 03:58:46AM @blue-hand:

Wow, what a comments! Thank you all so much!
Tom: I often visit Medieval fairs in the Netherlands, and i use bells to accompany myself as well. The next picture gives you an idea of how it works:
The bells are on leatherchords which you can tie around your legs. As for this song, i used only one chord on my left leg, so that if i lift my heel, those bells will ring. On the other foot i used one of those: which i worked around my foot, so that i was standing on the wooden part. When itap my toes of that foot the wood comes of the floor and by bringing it back to the floor i can make little percussion sounds as the wood hits the floor.

Macy Jayne
02/08/12 09:44:43PM @wendy-coons-karrasch:

One of my favorite tunes on fiddle, but you play it even better on dulci! Awesome, thanks alot!

Brian G.
02/08/12 08:50:48PM @brian-g:

Very nice!

Patty from Virginia
02/08/12 08:11:13PM @patty-from-virginia:

I love this and the bells are great! Thank you for sharing this!Smile.gif

Joy W.
02/08/12 07:42:17PM @joy-w:

What fun! I really enjoyed this. Smile.gif

John Keane
02/08/12 06:57:19PM @john-keane:

That's it!

Karen Keane
02/08/12 05:57:57PM @karen-keane:

This was a great job, love the bells and the upper register work as well. Well done. Grin.gif

02/08/12 12:33:41PM @strumelia:

Blue Hand, I think you are nothing short of a musical genius . Perfect choice of tune and double foot percussion.

When practicing my tagelharpa, I was attaching seed rattles and a tiny tambourine to one ankle. I did the same at a party last year when playing banjo. Haven't quite gotten it together though, since I'm not an innate toe-tapper when I play- I have trouble coordinating myself with the two things at the same time- alas! I'll keep trying though.

The guitar player at our local contra dance straps a little tambourine to his foot too. Foot percussion works so well, I'm really surprised it's not a more common practice.

Leonard Griffin
02/08/12 11:49:53AM @leonard-griffin:

Great job nicely played!! The bells really bring out the beat, I bet it helps to keep the beat steady with the leg movement.

john p
02/08/12 11:15:29AM @john-p:

That was excellent work, loved the idea of using bells.

Just a shame you couldn't manage to wave a few hankies around as well Grin.gif

john p

02/08/12 11:08:42AM @folkfan:

Great playing. Loved the bells bringing in the sounds of the Morris Dancers. Thanks for posting this. Smile.gif

02/08/12 10:30:09AM @foggers:

Patric, that is just great. You have such fantastic combination of solid rhythm and beautifully varied expression. And the bells are a perfect percussion accompaniment.

Well done, and thanks for sharing this!

John Henry
02/08/12 09:48:27AM @john-henry:

Tom, without aiming to pre-empt anything Blue Hand might say about his bells, it is common place for our much reviled English Morrismen to dance wearing, as part of their dress, just below the knee ribbons, garters or leather straps which have bells attached to them, thus producing a rythmic accompliment as they dance and at the same time bash each other with thick sticks. Done well it can be very pleasing to watch/listen to .

( the main music for the dance is often provided by a melodian, maybe bells and a harmonica? 3.gif )


John Henry
02/08/12 09:33:27AM @john-henry:

'Morris On' Patric ! Enjoyed it immensely, thank you for posting it


Tom McDonald
02/08/12 09:09:02AM @tom-mcdonald:

Very nice! Could you post pictures of the bells under (on?) your feet? I'd like to see exactly how that works.

Phil Myers
02/08/12 08:26:31AM @phil-myers:

Very cool! Liked it alot.