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Location: Clarksdale, Mississippi, and Daylesford, Victoria
Country: USA and Australia

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Liza Jane

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Adrian Kosky and Carla Maxwell Performance at Grover's Corner (weekly jam) Cleveland, Mississippi June 5, 2018 iPhone recording by Alice Barbieri
Carla Maxwell
08/01/18 10:24:57PM @carla-maxwell:

Thank you for the lovely comments! I don't know much about using this forum, and I wish for a "like" button for comments! grin   

[edited: questions & comments deleted]

Here's a link to my friend's facebook video, if you would like to hear and see a sample of this jam that happens weekly in Cleveland, Mississippi.

Adrian and I enjoy being a part of Mississippi's music, when we are in the U.S.A.

Robin Thompson
08/01/18 09:47:40PM @robin-thompson:

Hey, good to hear from you, Carla-- what a cool, thumpin' Liza Jane! 

Terry Wilson
07/30/18 01:18:21PM @terry-wilson:

Hi Carla.  That was neat.  Loved it.  Sure liked the way Adrian says, "Oh."  I'm goin to steal that from him.

Hey, some fun can be had by  combining  Lisa Jane and Goin Down to Cairo.   Try it, you might like too.

07/30/18 11:23:53AM @elvensong:

Nice duet Carla! I love your avatar, too! 

Dusty Turtle
07/29/18 12:27:13PM @dusty-turtle:

Nice. I like how the tune slowly builds. And you've got a nice hopping beat there.