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Bread And Fshes

musician/member name: People & Blogs
Duration: 00:01:45
a short and simple arrangement of the beautiful melody from Alan Bell's popular song Bread And Fishes

the late Alan Bell was a folk singer, songwriter and festival organiser and Bread And fishes is his best-known song, written in 1968 - it was featured on British TV's Songs of Praise and reached the charts in Ireland and Japan - Bread And Fishes the song is a folk-style hymn is based on the strange legend that Jesus travelled in England as a child, accompanied by his parents

the melody only is played here fingerstyle on my Doug Berch mountain dulcimer in Ionian tuning EBB (DAA but in key of E)
09/12/23 02:14:10AM @nate:

What do you call fishes with no eyes?krazy

Ken Longfield
09/04/23 01:20:54PM @ken-longfield:

Very nice Dan. I'm not familiar with the tune or legend but the melody is delightful. Thanks for sharing it.


"The dulcimer sings a sweet song."

Dan Evans
09/04/23 12:19:15PM @dan-evans:

I'm working on a new album of waltzes at the moment and might make this the opening track (US = cut) - I think it would set the scene nicely  

Dan Evans
09/04/23 12:17:25PM @dan-evans:

a simple but pleasing piece - I met composer Alan Bell at a festival and after making this film, tried to contact him - he would doubtless have like to see it - sadly, he's passed a few months earlier