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Dawning of the Day (Fainne Geal An Lea)

Dawning of the Day (Fainne Geal An Lea)

style or instrument: dulcimer

musician/member name: Gwen Caeli

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Gwen Caeli
03/18/16 07:21:48PM @gwen-caeli:

 Caleb Dan, it is in the Key of D.  I have the tab on my website    It is from my first dulcimer tab book in the "Fresh" series, entitled "Fresh Airs - Irish Antiquities".  The tab is on the website's "Free Tab" page and books and CD on the "Store" page  

I made a cross-country trip to do research for the book and published it with a CD thirteen years ago. This tune was in the original hand-scribed 1792 manuscript in the archive music library at UCLA.  It is a harp tune played at the Belfast Harp Festival by one of the last Bardic harpers, 97-year-old Denis Hempson.  It was also played at that Festival by 15-year-old William Carr.  The words, history, notes on song phrasing, etc. are in my book.

Caleb Dan Bennett
03/18/16 05:56:14PM @caleb-dan-bennett:

Love this song. I first learned it on NAF then picked it out on dulcimer.  What key are you playing it in? Id like to learn to play along with others


Gwen Caeli
03/18/16 12:42:17PM @gwen-caeli:

 So glad you enjoyed this sweet air, Gail! 

Gail Webber
03/18/16 11:43:06AM @gail-webber:

Ah, so beautiful!  Thanks for sharing this.

Gwen Caeli
03/17/16 01:57:47PM @gwen-caeli:

Thanks, Lexie - I had forgotten that I had posted this sweet melody!  It is one of my favorites.

Damhsa an Ceol binn (Dance the sweet music - in Gaelic)

Lexie R Oakley
03/17/16 01:31:58PM @lexie-r-oakley:

I am melted Gwen, I was away when you posted I am happy to have found it, very beautiful.

Gwen Caeli
01/06/16 09:55:21PM @gwen-caeli:

Thanks, Marc!! The tune, Fainne Geal an Lae, is on the CD that accompanies my tab book Fresh Airs - Irish Antiquities.  I flew to Los Angeles and researched original manuscripts in the archive library at University of California Los Angeles.  This ancient air was in the 1792 Belfast harp festival manuscript and was played by 97-year-old Denis Hempson and 15-year-old William Carr.  Info can be found at .  

Hope you are doing well and continuing to make great music with your brother - you know how I love your playing!



Gwen Caeli
07/12/15 10:36:38PM @gwen-caeli:

Thanks, Danny!  The slow Irish tunes just make me melt into a puddle!