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Shady Grove

Shady Grove

style or instrument: baritone dulcimer, banjo-dulcimer, pan pipes

musician/member name: Gwen Caeli

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Gwen Caeli
05/02/16 02:25:01PM @gwen-caeli:

The old tunes just have that special 'something', don't they?  Glad you liked it!

BJ Jordan
05/02/16 12:51:06PM @betty-bj-jordan:

Lovely. I like the old ways. You did a great job.



Gwen Caeli
03/19/16 10:43:48PM @gwen-caeli:

Many thanks, Anne!

Dulcimerrily, Gwen

Anne Bowman
03/19/16 06:51:02PM @anne-bowman:


Gwen Caeli
03/19/16 12:23:45AM @gwen-caeli:

 Most kind of you, Charles!  I'm glad you mentioned Matty Groves, it is a winner.  I put Matty Groves and Shady Grove together, starting with the ballad of Matty's dark tale and the double murder.  I kicked it up a few cents in tempo and rhythm, so as not to drag. (Dark, heavy ballads have to keep their tension!) My melody was a bit different, too, in order for the syllables in the many verses to fit the music and keep the building emotion.

After Lord Donald pinned his wife to the wall, with a sword through the heart, I then told of the ballad's migration to America and how we, thankfully, lightened it up to Shady Grove, and would sing the verses.  My favorite version of Little Matty is from Fairport Convention. the British folk group.  Thanks for reminding me of things I had almost forgotten!

Charles Thomas
03/18/16 11:17:16PM @charles-thomas:

Gwen, That was beautiful! I agree with Pine , More!! When I hear Shady Grove I always think how different it is from Matty Groves, same tune different message.

Gwen Caeli
03/18/16 05:22:17PM @gwen-caeli:

Lexie R Oakley:

Did you play all those instruments?

Wonderful recording it made this song very special.

Hi again, Lexie!  Yes, once again, having to be my own band with no help on the instruments.  My old baritone is in standard AEA tuning, utilizing it's 1 1/2 fret , placing the key in Am  The dulcimer-banjo that I normally play in DGD key of G tuning, had to be raised to EAE tuning, with it's 1/12 fret giving me the Am key.  Thanks for your approval!

Gwen Caeli
03/18/16 04:53:58PM @gwen-caeli:

 You are absolutely right, Pine - it could be longer!  Thanks for the suggestion.  I've always sung this one, so the many verses considerably lengthened the tune.  With only a short eight measures for the entire song, instrumentally it is a nightmare that quickly repeats itself into boredom. You have given me incentive to play around with ways to take it from a ''movie trailer' version to a 'full-length feature!  With appreciation!   

Lexie R Oakley
03/18/16 03:23:07PM @lexie-r-oakley:

Did you play all those instruments?

Wonderful recording it made this song very special.

03/18/16 01:33:29PM @pine:

Nicely done. Loved the tone of the baritone MD and the addition of the other instruments.

Now, if it were just a wee bit longer....  clapper

Gail Webber
03/18/16 11:44:47AM @gail-webber:

Very nice!

Gwen Caeli
03/18/16 09:30:31AM @gwen-caeli:

Experimental dulcimer??!  The older I get, the riskier the playing.  But, did want to maintain the mountain roots of this old traditional song, therefore, the banjo.