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Hard Times - Appflutes Dogwood33

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My latest Dogwood Hourglass. Just strung today. Love the look and sound.
Jack Ferguson
11/06/13 08:08:40PM @jack-ferguson:

Bobby and Patty,

Dogwood is a very hard wood, not pliable, and prone to checking if not handled with care. The beautiful pink tone and swirly grain form near the core and usually in trees with some age and width. I only use it for the sound boards and love the tone and resonance. It takes time and patience, but worth the effort. I'd compare it to Cherry for its sound qualities and density. Cherry, however, is much easier to work.Smile.gif

Patty from Virginia
11/06/13 03:04:11PM @patty-from-virginia:

Jack, how does the wood of a Dogwood compare to other woods that are typically used in dulcimer construction? Is it soft or hard? What wood comes the closest to it's hardness? Just curious and I hope you don't mind me asking.Smile.gif

Jack Ferguson
11/06/13 02:31:59PM @jack-ferguson:

Thanks folks. I just love the Dogwood, but is sure is hard to come by, especially with the pink center. Most trees I am able to salvage have died from the Anthracnose fungus which has now spread from Maine to Georgia. The beautiful color disappears once the tree has died.Frown.gif

Patty from Virginia
11/06/13 11:02:03AM @patty-from-virginia:

Jack, that sure is pretty, the tune and the dulcimer. Your dog is cute tooGrin.gif

Jack Ferguson
11/06/13 06:57:34AM @jack-ferguson:

Milo didn't run away, so I'll take that as approval.Grin.gif

John Keane
11/06/13 05:24:13AM @john-keane:

Looks great, sounds great, and the dog approves! Smile.gif