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Electric Dulcimer Demo

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Short clip from my latest Mahogany Tear-drop Custom Build.
Jack Ferguson
07/10/14 08:36:17PM @jack-ferguson:

I'm always on the lookout for valuable wood, and wood with interesting design characteristics. The mahogany was a find at an estate sale, along with a good supply of 50-year old milled cherry...furniture wood, no doubt. Most of my wood is reclaimed, or salvage. Only on rare occasions will I buy wood needed to complete projects.

My dogwood will be ready to work this month, and I will be listing the completed models. I am also taking custom orders that include dogwood. Ads have been posted in the "For Sale" forum.Grin.gif

John Henry
07/10/14 11:51:26AM @john-henry:

I have been very lucky Jack, in that almost all the Mahogany I have used in dulcimer/guitar building came from some 'rescued' bank doors that were originally made not far off the time that Ed Thomas and his ilk were building dulcimers, so it naturally follows that it was top quality 'Honduras', mostly gone now, tho' some of it managed to find it's way to a certain banjo playing lady associated with this site 3.gif !


(still love the look of that Dogwood !!!)

Jack Ferguson
07/10/14 07:14:12AM @jack-ferguson:

Thanks John H. Seen it used quite a bit in boat-building interior and exterior, so I decided to give it a try. Very nice wood.

John Henry
07/10/14 04:00:34AM @john-henry:

Nice one Jack , glad to see someone else extolling the virtues of a Mahogany build, I have used it many times, may not be traditional, but it is capable of producing some sweet music !

Thanks for sharing


Jack Ferguson
07/09/14 10:29:27PM @jack-ferguson:

Thanks Phil. Your Hickory was fun to play. Really loved the highs and lows.

07/09/14 08:55:45PM @phil:

No need to be Sorry Jack Was just having a bit of fun. I know firsthand how hard Hickory is to work and I will never let go of Ol' Hickory. But that Mahogany does sound sweet.

Jack Ferguson
07/09/14 08:33:02PM @jack-ferguson:

Thanks for the comments. The EQ actually gives you some on-board control so you can set the amp and still control the highs, lows, and volume from the dulcimer. Phil, sorry to sound down on hickory. I love the results of 'Ol Hickory, and am happy with the looks and sound. It's a nice one.Grin.gif

07/09/14 05:36:24PM @phil:

OK... OK... I get it Hickory was a pain to work with.Grin.gif Has a great sound unplugged and plugged in,beautiful dulcimer.

Jack Ferguson
07/09/14 05:00:17PM @jack-ferguson:

Thanks John. It's my first "total" Mahogany, with walnut finger-board added, and I'll be making more. Very easy to work, and great sound, not to mention, light as a feather.Grin.gif

John Keane
07/09/14 01:49:54PM @john-keane:

Jack, it looks like you did some fine work there!

Jack Ferguson
07/08/14 10:07:15PM @jack-ferguson:

Thank you Lisa-Marie for helping with design ideas. It was a pleasure to build!

07/08/14 08:03:46PM @lisa-marie:
Thanks for building if for me. It's gorgeous and even better then I expected. Sound is fabulous when I plugged it into the amp.
Jack Ferguson
07/08/14 10:09:54AM @jack-ferguson:

Belcat UK-2000 Pre-amp with Piezo under saddle pickup.