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"The Sally Garden" GC016

musician/member name: Jim Phillips - Player & Builder
Duration: 00:03:20
"The Sally Garden" played on Quartersawn Sycamore/Sitka Spruce/Mahogany Mountain Dulcimer by GCreek Instruments
Jim Phillips
02/21/17 02:05:52PM @jim-at-gcreek:


The "cross picking" is done with picking hand (right hand for me).  I am learning the technique from a music instructor acquaintance.  It is simply - after playing a chord - bringing the pick back across the strings and playing

one or more individually before going to next chord.  Varying the number of strings that are cross picked adds variety to the tune.  Since I do not sing, cross picking provides good fill-in between chords.  I understand that many guitar players use cross picking, but had never thought of using method on a dulcimer.

Jim Phillips

Mary MacGowan
02/18/17 02:24:52PM @mary-macgowan:

Jim Phillips:


On this video Sally Garden video, I actually used a very thin flat pick, but most of the time, I play it by

finger picking.  Some of the sounds that you hear are cross - picking.

Hey, thanks for the lengthy explanations. I can't imagine cross - picking. Do you mean picking with the left hand while picking with the right, or vice versa? I keep mine simple so I can concentrate on the singing, but there are singers who get plenty complex on their instruments. It does sound amplified!

I've never tried a Myers Grip. But then again I need the vocal amplified too. I have an excellent "singer/songwriter" amp system by Bose. Such a great sound. I've been meaning to record my videos for fotmd using my amp for the MD, but keep forgetting or it's just too complicated in the moment.

I don't do much performing... it stresses me out on so many levels it just isn't worth it! Silly I guess. think

Jim I tried following you but it keeps saying that it's pending.

John W. McKinstry
02/16/17 03:26:07PM @john-w-mckinstry:

Beautiful sound and a good looking dulcimer. Thanks also for you kind comments on my latest video.

Jim Phillips
02/14/17 09:40:25AM @jim-at-gcreek:


On this video Sally Garden video, I actually used a very thin flat pick, but most of the time, I play it by

finger picking.  Some of the sounds that you hear are cross - picking.  I like to use finger picking with cross

finger picking.  I use no thumb and mostly the first three fingers - sometimes strumming with all three.  Varying

which and how many strings are cross picked adds interest.  I have only been doing the finger picking with

cross picking for about six months.  


I used NO amplification in this video.  I make these videos available to people who are considering

purchasing one of my instruments, so they can hear the sound quality.  I don't want to make it sound louder

than it really is.


But, I also want to do some amplification when playing on a stage.  I have purchased a little instrument

pickup called the "Myers Grip" that has a gooseneck mike attached.  I have only used it couple of times,

but I like it.  It has a volume knob right on it. Have you ever seen or tried one of these?  Seems like it 

might help you to achieve that equalization of voice and MD that you want,  I do not sing, so I have not tried that.


Jim Phillips

GCreek Instruments

Mary MacGowan
02/13/17 08:56:25PM @mary-macgowan:

Came back for a 2nd listen after your comments and questions on my songs... Is this picking? If so, I think it works really well for you! It sounds like you might have a pick on each finger?  My MD sounds much brighter when plugged into an amp... I have plans to do better recordings at some point to equalize voice and MD. Again - thanks for stopping by to listen to my tunes!

Jim Phillips
02/13/17 07:10:04PM @jim-at-gcreek:


We have the same name!

Thanks for the nice comments.  I bought some quartersawn sycamore boards from a local lumber dealer last

year and it has become one of my favorite body woods.  I like the sitka spruce soundboard for good tone with the



And this is one of my favorite Irish tunes.


Jim (James) Phillips



James Phillips
02/13/17 05:03:21PM @james-phillips:

Very nice looking and sounding dulcimer as well as nice selection being played smiler

02/11/17 01:11:08AM @marg:

very nice

Jim Phillips
02/10/17 11:36:01PM @jim-at-gcreek:


Thank you for your kind remarks.  I appreciate your encouragement!


Mary MacGowan
02/10/17 07:15:10PM @mary-macgowan:

This tune is played spritely and full of energy, but there's just something so sweet underneath it all here!

Jim Phillips
02/07/17 09:48:18PM @jim-at-gcreek:


Thanks your nice compliments!  I have been trying to learn and apply some cross picking techniques.



Steven Berger
02/07/17 05:23:09PM @steven-berger:

Nice looking, nice sounding dulcimer!