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Joseph Besse
@joseph-besse • 2 months ago • comments: 0
Posted a response to "Plastic picks & leather picks":
"I want them . Please send me an invoice."
Joseph Besse
@joseph-besse • 2 months ago • comments: 0
Posted a response to "Plastic picks & leather picks":
"How much for 20 leather picks with shipping to 70583? Do you accept PayPal?"

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robert schuler
06/01/16 12:05:33PM @robert-schuler:

Joe I do make the elliptical shaped dulcimer. I do not have one to sell at the moment. I can build one for you with a choice of scale lengths and frets. body depth is 2.75". Deeper is not louder. Sorry I am unable to send a private message... Robert..

Sheryl St. Clare
08/19/15 11:34:08AM @sheryl-st-clare:

Joe, I got your message that to your knowledge there is no copyright on Mes Parents. Thanks for your help.

07/05/15 07:00:46PM @marg:

I live in  N. Houston, Spring. I am from new orleans but here now, lovely place on a pond to watch sunsets,  the herons fly in and a place to strum.

07/05/15 02:17:01AM @marg:

 Hi, Just reading your posts. I saw you were in the Navy. When my husband and I lived in Lafayette, he would need to drive into Baton Rouge for his meetings in the Coast Guard. We were with USL (what it was called back then). Many happy memories from Lafayette and the surrounding area.

Janet Deshotel
08/03/14 06:43:08PM @janet-deshotel:
Hi Joe, do you still have groups meeting in Crowley and Lafayette? If so, is the info the same? I haven't been playing my dulcimer very much, but gave been pretty active with my guitar. My friend Jessie and I have talked about making it your way. So, I thought I would check again. Hope all is well on your end.
John Keane
06/12/13 08:15:04PM @john-keane:

Thanks Joe! Sorry that I just now saw your note, but we've been away at Dulcimerville and then a little vacation on the way back. I will see what I can do about a video, and we would LOVE to make the Lagniappe festival in the future!

Steven Deckard
03/30/13 07:35:18PM @steven-deckard:

I see you are a retired CPO. I was a PN2. Spent 4 years from 1956 to 1960.

I served aboard the carriers USS Randolph and the USS Intrepid. I loved it.

I got out to get 2 years of college so I could go back in as a Limited Duty Officer.

I got a 4 year degree and wouldn't take me back. I was married and had 2 children.

They told me if I got devorced they would take me. I should have staind in and got

the college education while serving. I was attached to squadrons in Oceana, VA.

Randy S. Bretz
05/01/12 03:36:27PM @randy-s-bretz:

Joseph sent out you noter today...enjoy and thx

Linda Besse
03/12/12 05:07:08PM @linda-besse:

Thank you to all for such a nice welcome! I am at work and unfortunately am not on the computer much but will try better to pop in when I can.

Joseph: The name Besse is from hubby's side - they mostly are from New Orleans area but now scattered. No dulcimer players in the family but definately a large amount of very talented singers or musical artists with various instruments.

Hope everyone is safe from all of the storms and thank you again for such a nice welcome!


Mark Fogleman
02/04/12 08:39:54PM @mark-fogleman:

Hi Joe!

Thanks for the invite and the info on your EB. Unfortunately I'm out of work and our budget doesn't have a line for a new MD. Frown.gif I am making my version based on various designs I have seen as I have the time and materials from my Guitar-Uke building hobby/business. So look for a build thread soon.

Looking through your info above I see you're in the Lafayette, LA area. We spend a lot of time there with our Daughter and her family. They are in the Church Point area and are musicians in their spare time. We are heading down for Mardi Gras next week. Maybe we can get together for a cup of Mello Joi. If you still have the EB I would love to check it out.

Ken Hulme
12/28/11 11:03:15AM @ken-hulme:

Coooeeee! I cook some good Cajun grub! Gotta get over there one of these days for the Lagniappe Festival!

Burrell Loew
09/06/11 11:43:08AM @burrell-loew:
Hi thanks for the invite I put instructions at the end of your question on my for sale listing burrellGrin.gif
John Keane
09/04/11 09:27:22PM @john-keane:
Thanks for the kind words! We seriously want to make it down there and turn it into a get away weekend...we'll be in touch!
John Keane
09/04/11 07:14:27PM @john-keane:
Here's a big Louisiana (Shreveport) howdy! My wife and I are seriously trying to figure out how we can get down to Lafayette for one of your dulcimer shindigs on a Saturday morning. We know where the Jean Lafitte National Park building is, we're just hoping we can make the schedule work for us sometime soon.
Janet Deshotel
09/04/11 02:07:49PM @janet-deshotel:

Hi Joe...thanks for the invite. I might just have to drive over one Saturday. What is the address of the park? How many people do you have in the new group?

I tried to make contact with you at the last 2 Lagnappe festivals. I think I just missed you this past year, and I believe you were not there in 2010.

Jon W Harris
03/20/11 07:55:47PM @jon-w-harris:

Welcome aboard Joe.

Stay in tune,

Jon & Clara Harris (Sweet Strings)

Janet Deshotel
11/29/09 09:40:20PM @janet-deshotel:
Hi Joe,I'm the same Janet (MsJD2u) on Everything Dulcimer. One of these days I hope to get over that way. The main problem is my night vision. I was just mentioning your group today to someone who has interest...when I was visiting my dad in Jennings.
Rod Westerfield
08/28/09 04:31:18PM @rod-westerfield:
Welcome glad ya joined us.... welcome