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Mary Z. Cox @ the Pickin' Porch 07192014

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Duration: 00:10:55
Mary Z. Does what Mary Z. Does! Lots-O-Fun! Enjoy
Helen Seiler
02/24/15 07:11:38PM @helen-seiler:

This is fantastic stuff Mary .....its such a treat for those of us so far away down here in Oz.. Thank u so much for sharing this.113.gif

John Keane
02/22/15 08:18:14AM @john-keane:

Fun stuff! Smile.gif

Ken Backer
02/21/15 03:00:08PM @ken-backer:

Hi Mary, visited your website. You have done very well in developing your musical talents, recording, and promotion. I play claw hammer banjo as well as dulcimer, but my attempt at growing two more arms so I can play them at the same time has not been a success.Grin.gif Sometime I would like to be where you are performing (I live in Ontario). Could you tell me be a bit more about the documentary on Canadian Immigration that will be using some of your recordings? I am an old immigrant to Canada from back in the 60's.

Lexie R Oakley
02/21/15 10:31:44AM @lexie-r-oakley:

Thanks for your show, it was fun to see your talents and your joy playing different instruments.69.gif

Loved It!41.gif

Mary Z. Cox
02/21/15 10:00:30AM @mary-z-cox:

Thanks for your kind words--Pickin Porch is Woods n Strings in Tennessee (Mike Clemmer).

If you love dulcimer /banjo duets--there are some nice ones on my "Chickens Crowin At Midnight " cd & on Girl With the Banjo Tattoo Cd--you can listen to them on my website or itunes if you do that. :)

Ken Backer
02/21/15 09:35:55AM @ken-backer:

Mary, that is a great compilation showing your versatility and talent. Don't often hear the dulcimer and banjo played together, but it works with the right sound balance. Good stuff! Really enjoyed this. Where is the Pickin' Porch venue?

Benjamin W Barr Jr
02/21/15 08:47:06AM @benjamin-w-barr-jr:

This is fantastic!