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Location: Belden, MS
Country: US

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1st Song: Pretty Betty Martin

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Mr. Phil Mcdaniel
11/05/14 11:50:22PM @mr-phil:

I'm gonna re-record this...

Robert L. Porter, Jr.
05/23/14 11:22:25PM @robert-l-porter-jr:

Good, like it every time I hear it. You need to get back to our meetings.Remember now first and Third monday of each month. Good food, good friends, and a great time. Looking forward

to seeing you soon.

cynthia copeland
12/29/13 05:55:20PM @cynthia-copeland:

Nice tune, Phil and pretty dulcimer.

Mr. Phil Mcdaniel
11/29/13 07:25:39PM @mr-phil:

Mr. Bobby Dodd

Luthier of Appalachian Mountain Dulcimers

Houston MS

Phone: 662-448-6151

103.gif (BE SURE to tell him that Mr. Phil McDaniel SENT YOU)

Mr. Phil Mcdaniel
11/27/13 10:56:25PM @mr-phil:

Ronda and James: instrument made locally in north Mississippi by Mr. Bobby Dodd. He's been making 'em for 15 years, and buys the wood from local Amish people. He only had hourglass style when I was looking. But he had many mixes of several wood choices. I tried most all of them and thought the Cherry had the best sound of all. The cedar looked the best, but I don't think that's as important to me. I was told Obrien or McSpadden was the standard. But Mr. Dodd is not in it for the profit because his price is half what they would cost. He is in it for the right reason, the joy of Appalachian Dulcimer music and the healing it brings to people.

James Phillips
11/27/13 08:21:23PM @james-phillips:

Phil, keep up the good work. Who made your dulcimer you are playing in this video?

Mr. Phil Mcdaniel
11/27/13 11:38:07AM @mr-phil:

Thanks Ms. Ronda! Yes, solid Cherry except for hardware. I am in the fine tuning stage; less than a month ownership. I am getting close because many of y'all have said it has a great sound and I don't disagree. I have to figure out how to mount the camera from above to allow seeing the MD. I am putting a picture of it here for you--> ((Please keep in touch with your progress!)) 123_videos.jpg?width=750

Mr. Phil Mcdaniel
11/27/13 02:17:26AM @mr-phil:

Pretty Betty Martin Youtube LINK69.gif

((Angela, you have to tune to DAD not DAA))

Steve Battarbee
11/26/13 02:51:48AM @steve-battarbee:
AngelaThere is a lesson on line by stephen seifert in which he shows how to learn songs by sight/ reading handsIt's part of the dulcimer school on you tubeGood luck
Robin Thompson
11/25/13 08:05:35PM @robin-thompson:
Phil, you did a really nice job! That tune is now on my list of tunes to learn.
11/25/13 06:44:07PM @strumelia:

Nice solid playing there Phil. Sounds like you got a wonderful dulcimer!

I love it when folks play in their kitchens.

Steve Battarbee
11/25/13 05:31:17PM @steve-battarbee:

Goodstuff Phil. That was the first tune I learnt too. Love the ending!

John Henry
11/25/13 10:10:36AM @john-henry:

Hey Phil, great that you shared stuff so early on in your new dulcimer 'relationship'. And if you don't care for Wayne's 'learning opportunities', you could always opt for 'regional variations' ? 113.gif


Patty from Virginia
11/25/13 09:23:57AM @patty-from-virginia:

That's great Phil!!! Thanks for sharing your new dulcimer with us. I hope you'll post some more videosSmile.gif

John Keane
11/25/13 06:20:39AM @john-keane:

Ya done good (nice strumming too)! Smile.gif

Benjamin W Barr Jr
11/25/13 06:08:08AM @benjamin-w-barr-jr:
Nice job, Mr. Phil.