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2nd Song: Shady Grove

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Mr. Phil Mcdaniel
02/07/19 03:01:13PM @mr-phil:

Marion Seaman: hi phil - cant see these on an ipad. can you post a youtube link here? i can watxh it thenthanks Marion  <-- YouTube link to "Shady Grove" on lap dulcimer. I don't have my performance on YouTube. Sorry.

This is channel is where I discovered the arrangement which I elected in my FOTMD video, and it was the inspiration for me. The young man's channel is called "GRETCHENMAN".

robert schuler
12/09/13 08:49:40AM @robert-schuler:
I play SG on dulcimer tuned CAD without a capo. As well as Black nag, Kitchen girl, Little sadie and all them other cool sounding dark modal tunes. Playing these tunes seems to conger up the spirits of dulcimer players long past away... Bob.
John Henry
12/09/13 03:36:29AM @john-henry:

I somehow missed this one Phil ! Nice movement about the fretboard there !


Mr. Phil Mcdaniel
12/09/13 01:59:55AM @mr-phil:

Thank you Robert (and several others as well). I am now unsure which mode I was in, since I read some of Strumelia's Blog. Remember I mentioned the Gaspe Reel? I have been working on it some but it moves so fast its hard for me to have much accuracy in my fretting. The version I first heard was done on hammer dulcimer as the theme song of Crockett's Victory Garden, WGBH/Boston. I will let you know when I get it recorded, but now looks like after Christmas time. Thanks for stopping by. I reviewed your photos the other day and its very interesting the beauty and quality of woodwork you do. Thanks again my friend.

robert schuler
12/08/13 03:22:05PM @robert-schuler:
Nice. I always play SG.on the banjo in mountain modal. I never liked the Doc Watson version, to happy sounding. My version is, Shady grove my true love, her skin ain't black or brown, she looks just like a thunder cloud, before the rain falls down... Bob
Macy Jayne
12/07/13 08:51:59AM @macy-jayne:

Very well played Mr. PhilSmile.gif

Benjamin W Barr Jr
12/03/13 01:00:19PM @benjamin-w-barr-jr:

Good job Mr. Phil on a good standard.Smile.gif

Patty from Virginia
12/03/13 09:25:21AM @patty-from-virginia:

That's great Phil!!!

John Keane
12/03/13 05:32:45AM @john-keane:

Wow...I'd say that you are doing quite well with that...nice job! Smile.gif

Mr. Phil Mcdaniel
12/03/13 03:45:36AM @mr-phil:

Maybe the Dulcimer DJ can put it on his Pop-Up player so you can at least hear it, Marion. I'll ask...

Mr. Phil Mcdaniel
12/03/13 03:42:51AM @mr-phil:

Hi Marion: Sorry bc it was uploaded direct to FOTMD not youtube. You can find "gretchenman" channel on youtube and his is titled Shady Grove. He does a much better job on his performance. I'm just getting started.22.gif

Marion Seaman
12/03/13 02:00:15AM @marion-seaman:
hi phil - cant see these on an ipad. can you post a youtube link here? i can watxh it thenthanks Marion