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Dans de l'Ourse (Dance of the Bear - Bärentanz)

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Duration: 00:01:39
This is a better recording of our performance of the "Danse de l'Ourse" at the gathering of German dulcimer players at my home in Satteldorf, Germany. This video was recorded by Martin Oesterle,who is also a member of FOTMD. He asked me to put this link on FOTMD.See his profile here:
Peter W.
10/31/14 01:11:31PM @peter-w:

Thanks Marc! Smile.gif

Peter W.
10/30/14 12:31:26PM @peter-w:

Thanks, Helen. Glad you like it! Smile.gif

Peter W.
10/28/14 07:00:31AM @peter-w:

Thank you all for your nice comments!

Yes, even though we had to concentrate during the recording, we had a lot of fun that day! :)

Dusty Turtle
10/28/14 01:27:44AM @dusty:

You all sound great, Peter. But even better is the obvious on some of the faces. Thanks so much for sharing this.

Cindy Stammich
10/27/14 11:20:36PM @cindy-stammich:
Wow!Looking great + sounding great = great fun for us!Thanks for sharing
Ken Backer
10/27/14 03:38:24PM @ken-backer:

Great video, great playing. You all sound very nice as a group.

Peter W.
10/27/14 04:41:52AM @peter-w:

Thanks, Patty and Dan! :)

@Dan, we are all tuned in DAdd here and use a capo in the 1st fret. So we are actually playing in E-minor.

Dan Goad
10/26/14 10:18:13PM @dan-goad:

I've been wanting to learn this tune, Peter. What tuning are you using? I have the Standard Music Notation of this and can transpose and also learn by watching your hand movements on the fretboard. Great photography work by Martin. Give him my thanks.

Grin.gif Grin.gif Grin.gif

Patty from Virginia
10/26/14 10:11:39PM @patty-from-virginia:

Yes, I like this one best. I can see everyone. I can see your smiling faces. I'll bet that was fun!!!Smile.gif