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Skye Boat Song

Skye Boat Song

style or instrument: Mountain Dulcimer

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Was looking through some old recordings and came upon this one which is a 3 part arrangement by my friend Sally DeLawter.
Jan Potts
08/28/22 12:29:51AM @jan-potts:

I love this!  You and Sally rock!

Phil Myers
05/22/22 11:08:52AM @phil-myers:

Thanks Frank!

Frank Dudgeon
05/17/22 05:55:56PM @frank-dudgeon:

Very nice. Thank you.

Phil Myers
05/17/22 04:54:01PM @phil-myers:

Thanks Theresa!

05/15/22 09:59:49PM @theresasc:

This is very pretty, thanks for posting it!

Phil Myers
05/03/22 10:56:00AM @phil-myers:

Thanks Val!

05/01/22 07:07:53AM @macaodha:

Excellent playing Phil, very nice.

Phil Myers
04/29/22 05:28:00PM @phil-myers:

Thanks Robin!

Robin Thompson
04/29/22 07:44:37AM @robin-thompson:

It's been a long time since I've heard this pretty tune, Phil, and you play it so beautifully.