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Greensleeves on the News

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Larry Hicks
02/03/11 05:55:32PM @larry-hicks:
Nice job Phil! That is quite an honor to be on live TV representing all of us from the dulcimer world.
Bill Lewis
12/19/10 12:54:55PM @bill-lewis:

Thanks for sharing Phil, and great playing of the tune also. :)

Randy Adams
12/19/10 11:45:31AM @randy-adams:

Uh...Phil....I thought we were allotted 15 minutes of fame? You have 14 minutes you haven't used up! As I mentioned elsewhere you played great.....right on the $$$$$$.....even while they were talking to you!....nice concentration....

Phil Myers
12/19/10 11:36:09AM @phil-myers:

Yes, Robin, that is my Hambas. It has the right tone for that kind of song. It was fun doing this and now I have completed my 60 seconds of fame. :)

Flint Hill
12/19/10 11:33:24AM @flint-hill:

That's great Phil!

Robin Thompson
12/19/10 11:06:00AM @robin-thompson:


You & your Hambas (I'm thinking you have a Hambas) on tv-- how cool is this!