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Legacy: Orginal song with music and lyrics

Artist: Maria Calfa-DePaul
Genre: Folk & Singer-Songwriter
Duration: 00:03:30

I wrote this track the day I got this guitar: Ed Sheeran Little Martin. I bought it in honor of my mom who was in Hospice for 6 weeks before she passed away on Valentine's Day 2015. Ed Sheeran donated 100 percent of the money from the sale of this guitar to a children's hospice hospital in England. I thought that was really fitting and beautiful. I was thinking of my mom and this is the song that emerged. I hope you like it.

09/22/16 02:57:21PM @sleepingangel:

Erin Hussey:

This is a lovely memorial. 

by the way I did a video of this tune on Youtube if you want to check it out...not sure if I ever posted it here...I don't think so: 


09/22/16 02:56:02PM @sleepingangel:

Erin Hussey:

This is a lovely memorial. 

Thanks so much!! I really appreciate that!


Erin Hussey
09/22/16 12:54:40PM @erin-hussey:

This is a lovely memorial.