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The Spirit Inside 12 String Guitar & NA Flutes

Artist: Maria Calfa-DePaul
Genre: acoustic
Duration: 00:02:49

I think this is my most ambitious song yet using the Native American Flutes. It started out with me "just trying" out my old Ovation 12 string that I hadn't played in probably more than 15 years. It was always such a heavy guitar and the neck is fairly wide and it just didn't feel comfortable. Why did it feel comfortable and sound so good tonight? I was going to sell it..but now I can't. I recorded the out from Fishman Loud Box Mini into an interface for the iPad and then recorded my playing into a program called Auria. I then decided to play my Native American Flutes. I used my high Bm by High Spirits. My Low Bm by Gray Fox and my Em by High Spirits (that I bought at the Pocono Dulcimer festival by the way!) I felt the spirit in me and hence the name. Hope you like it

Lexie R Oakley
02/05/17 04:02:49PM @lexie-r-oakley:

Just very lovely Maria! This must be my favorite you have played. thumbsup

02/05/17 11:50:56AM @sleepingangel:

Benjamin W Barr Jr:


Awe!! thanks so much! I'm glad you think so!


02/05/17 11:50:31AM @sleepingangel:

Steven Berger:

What a wonderful way to greet the morning, Maria! Thanks! sun



Thanks so much for saying that Steven! That's very nice of you and I'm so glad you enjoyed it!! 
God Bless


Steven Berger
02/05/17 09:01:55AM @steven-berger:

What a wonderful way to greet the morning, Maria! Thanks! sun



Benjamin W Barr Jr
02/05/17 07:44:43AM @benjamin-w-barr-jr: